When Will the Alabama Bookstop Stop?

Bookstop at Alabama Shepherd Shopping Center, the Former Alabama Theater, Houston

A reader notes that a sign offering “13,000 sq feet of restaurant/retail for lease” is up at the Alabama Bookstop, and asks if plans for the location have been announced. Bookstop owner Barnes & Noble is building a new store on West Gray, on the former site of the River Oaks Shopping Center’s north curve.

That 13,000 sq. ft. figure makes it clear the sign isn’t referring to a different space in the Alabama Theater Shopping Center. According to leasing info on the Weingarten website, that’s the approximate size of the Bookstop’s space.

Photo of Bookstop at Alabama Theater Shopping Center: Debra Jane Seltzer

One Comment

  • The Bookstop disappearing just makes sense.

    Barnes and Nobles’ new store is in a shopping center owned by the same group that own the Bookstop’s shopping center.

    The location isn’t bad and there is plenty of parking (don’t forget the back).

    Also, don’t forget there is a large Borders just down the street at Kirby. This will put some distance between the two companies.

    I figured Weingarten would have found a replacement without putting a sign out.

    I guess the better question to ask: “What would you like to see at this location?”