When You Need To Go, But Just Can’t Bear To Part

“Dual toilets in the Masterbath…very unique,” reads the caption on this photo in a listing for a Riverside Terrace home on Parkwood Dr.

But haven’t we seen something like this somewhere before?

Oh, yes.

But that just means this home, built in 1965, was way ahead of its time:


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  • Sounds like the Love Toilet from SNL many years ago..

  • I hope that bathroom comes with an industrial exhaust fan. I’m curious about all the stuff on the shelf above the toilets. Do I really see jigsaw puzzles and VHS tapes? I hope my eyes are deceiving me and those are just (really big) books and magazines…please.

  • She really should have separated the words “Master” and “Bath”. At first glance, the combination looks like an entirely different word that seems more suited to toilet humor.

  • Bob: Good point. And all those videos stacked up on the shelf kinda make you wonder how much Masterbathing will really be going on here.

  • Maybe the current owners have updated this vintage bath into a mini home theater. Install a flat-screen TV on the wall opposite the “theater seating” and, voila, this old house has a media room!

  • I’m guessing the original owners grew up with a large family in a house with only one bathroom, and decided they never wanted to have to wait to go potty again. Aside from the giggle factor, during construction the cost was probably minimal, and it kind of makes sense to me. I am not going to try to justify any of the stuff on the shelves, though.

  • Take away the video tapes, the shelving, and the toilet paper, and you’re in the Harris County jail.

    OOPS! Sorry….I thought this was the guessing game.