Where Houston’s Trump and Sanders Supporters Are Clustered, and Other Election Data Mapping Fun

Go ahead and play around with the map above (created by activist Kris Banks), showing the precinct-by-precinct outcome across Harris County for last month’s Republican presidential primaries. Shades of red show the spots won by Cruz (most of them, though a lighter shade indicates less solid support). Precincts won by Rubio show up in shades of blue (mostly clustered on the west side of the Inner Loop), while Trump support is marked in gold (mostly northeast and south of Downtown, as well as strung out along the Westpark Tollway); a few Carson precincts show up in green.

January Advisors’s Jeff Reichmann recently took a look at Banks’s election maps, which include results from both parties’s primaries and a starkly geographically-split down-ballot race for the Democratic district attorney nomination. You can click on each precinct to get its number and a breakdown of the results. Here’s how things looked for the Democrats, with the Sanders precincts in green spangling a field of Clinton blue:


Clinton took the majority in most precincts; the map uses darker shades of blue where her margin of victory was widest (particularly south and northeast of downtown). Meanwhile, Sanders took individual precincts around Montrose, the Heights, Rice University, and the University of Houston (both Downtown and Central); there is also a sprinkling of green around NASA, and along the main routes out of town toward Austin, among other spots.

Here’s the whole-county picture for each party:

Harris County Republican Presidential Primary Data, 2016

Harris County Democratic Presidential Primary Data, 2016

Here are zoom-ins to just inside the Beltway:

Harris County Republican Presidential Primary Data, 2016

Harris County Democratic Presidential Primary Data, 2016

And just the Inner Loop:

Harris County Republican Presidential Primary Data, 2016

Harris County Democratic Presidential Primary Data, 2016

Maps: Kris Banks

Drawing It Out

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  • Unsurprising; city-folk are interested in policy and governance – suburbs in ideology and the self.
    …but Vermons Common in red? Come on, they must be jealous of the RO crowd.

  • Funny how the Sanders ideologues are only at the college campuses. Once they step out into the real world they realize his ideas don’t hold water.

  • We honestly voted for Cruze as a joke and a poke in the eye of democrats when it didn’t really matter, oh boy are we sorry now. If by some miracle (an unlikely but quite plausible event) he becomes president, imagine all the nutty and oppressive laws that he will try to push through, it’ll make Misissippi and Alabama look like champions of human rights and bastion of rational thought in the world.

  • Who knows how representative these things are in this crazy race. Especially given that Texas allows for an open primary. I voted outside of my party for a candidate I don’t support but as a spoiler to another candidate that I don’t want to see in the general. Without planning it, it turns out my wife did the same but in the other party (as we are not ideologically aligned).

  • Nothing good will come of this…. A VOTE FOR MR.CLEAN19 IS A VOTE TO BRING BACK THE MURDER MAP ON SWAMPLOT!!!

  • These maps put my hand-colored red Texas map to shame. :(

  • @Chef
    Oh yeh. Universal healthcare. No country has implemented that successfully! What a bunch of star gazers!

  • But Chris, you and your wife are ideologically aligned in that you apparently share a political belief that it is right and proper to screw with a party’s nominating process to thwart the desires of the members of that political party. It’s not a mark of good citizenship, but it is an ideology.

  • @Barks
    They must learn these things from reality television. This is where we are; some people voting like they are contestants on Big Brother.

  • Who would have thought so many Trump supporters were around TSU, Aleif and the north east side of town?

    That isnt the demographic the media tells us is voting for Trump.

    Thank you Samplot.

  • joel: I’m a libertarian leaning republican and live/work/play in Montrose. Could never live in the burbs.
    But also don’t get why there is that trend you describe.

  • commonsense: I’m curious what “nutty and oppressive’ laws you think he might push though? And I’m stunned to know you’d be a Hillary voter based on what little I can gather from your comments.

  • @Cody, me a Hillary voter? Them be fighting words, I thought we were almost BFFs.
    I will definitely vote for Trump just for the LOLZ, but if Cruz is on the ‘R’ ticket, I won’t vote at all.

    The nutty laws that I foresee stem from his excessive religiocity and unshaking political dogma in the face of reason. He will certainly stack the SCOTUS with some sort of bible thumper which will lead to many more cinically named “religious freedom laws” which promote civil rights violations. He will push the zero abortion agenda in spite of medical science. Don’t even hope for stem cell research that could have saved millions of lives already. Repeal ObamaCare? Really, is that really the most pressing issue we have today? I’m pretty sure he said he will patrol Muslim neighborhoods with a shotgun like Elmer Fudd personally. He tried to defund NASA for crying out loud, because science is scary and hard and we should spend money here on earth to protect the rights of televangelists to buy a brand new jet. I could go on for pages, this stuff writes itself.

  • @Bocepheus At first glance it seems odd, but looking into the data will reveal the actuality of the situation. One of those “Trump voter strongholds” had only 2 votes for the entire precinct for the Republican side and both of those were for Trump. There were no other Republicans with votes. That same precinct had 233 votes for Hillary and 23 for Sanders. Many of the other precincts have very similar situations.

    Trump supporters make up less than 5% and in many cases less than 1% of the support of these precincts where he won when also compared to the Democratic votes. There should have been a third map that showed all votes all together both Rep and Dem to also accurately see how left or right precincts went as well.

  • Commonsense? That was surprisingly rational man, you feeling alright?