Blossom Hotel To Sprout Up Next to TMC’s Proposed Double Helix Site and That One Last Corner Townhome

Proposed Blossom Hotel on Lehall St. at Bertner Ave., Cecil Street Courts, Houston, 77030

Here’s a preview of the 9-story hotel planned for the stretch of now-mostly-cleared land along Lehall St. at Bertner Ave. south of the Texas Medical Center. The land slated to hold the Blossom Hotel Houston is right across Bertner from where the TMC wants to build a double helix park and collaborative campus; Zhejiang Blossom Tourism Group has been buying up lots on the east and northeast of the block, which have held a mixture of homes, a commercial building, and nothing over the last few decades.

Not shown in the rendering:  the lone house still standing right on at the corner of Lehall St. and Bertner Ave.:


1128 Lehall St., Cecil Street Courts, Houston, 77030

A reader sent the shot above looking south across Lehall from the MD Anderson building across the street; Zhejiang owns the lots to the south and west of the house. But the hotel folks seem to be planning around the holdout — here’s the map from a variance request to replat the Zhejiang holdings, which shows the boundary jogging around the corner lot:

Variance for Proposed Blossom Hotel on Lehall St. at Bertner Ave., Cecil Street Courts, Houston, 77030

West down Lehall from the hotel site, the land occupied by Med Center Collision was bought by Heritage Home Builders back in 2014; the block north of Lehall contains the Pinoy Auto Repair facility, as well as some lots owned by the University of Texas Board of Regents.

Images: Mitchell Carlson Stone (rendering), Swamplot inbox (photo), Houston Planning Commission (variance map)


Last One Standing

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  • The lone town home is now boarded up. Interesting that the developers couldn’t locate the owners.

  • That would be the ugly outcome if the new hotel didn’t buy up the corner townhome to make the site all pretty and uniform. Those blocks are in a strange area of the med center between South Braeswood and Old Spanish Trail.

  • The lone town home is not boarded up, I’m looking at it right now. Signs of being lived in. Owner listed in HCAD is associated with Cecil Courts LLC, which owns the other 6 town homes abutting said development. I’d imagine negotiations broke down early when both parties were only interested in buying the other’s property.

  • I interviewed with these guys a few weeks ago. kinda odd. plans going in for permit. they think they can self-perform as a GC and individually hire and buy local sub contractors. they also think they can ship materials in from China. this project might take forever to get built.

  • The lone townhome was demolished yesterday. I’m guess the right amount of cash finally changed hands.