Where To Glimpse METRO’s First Driverless Shuttle in Action Next Year

WHERE TO GLIMPSE METRO’S FIRST DRIVERLESS SHUTTLE IN ACTION NEXT YEAR “The surge of students biking and walking” along the closed stretch of Wheeler Ave. shown above that forms TSU’s “Tiger Walk” will soon “be joined by a slow-moving, minivan-sized driverless shuttle,” reports the Dug Begley in the Chronicle‘s last Sunday edition. “Though it will run a small, circuitous route at first,” he writes, METRO’s long-term goal is to nudge the shuttle out onto Scott St., where it would stop at the Purple Line light rail station between the TSU campus and UH’s TDECU Stadium. “Transit and university officials are working on an opening day,” according to Begley, “likely in mid-to late January.” [Houston Chronicle] Photo: Campuspride.org

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  • Driverless shuttles are eventually going to be more common but is it wise to have them on streets shared with pedestrians? I can see it now … “Behind on your student debt loans? Step right on to Tiger Walk and HIT a METRO jackpot. ” …. what could go wrong? Better to keep shuttles for now on dedicated tracks

  • I work there and can not wait to see this. On the TigerWalk there’s a mix of pedestrians, golf-like carts, shuttle carts, and on rare occasions a traditional vehicle. Mostly for maintenance issues. Again looking forward to seeing this.