Why Willowcreek Ranch Might Keep Its Roads to Itself

On Houston’s city planning agenda this week: a variance request from Caldwell Communities which seeks permission to forgo building a public north-south street through its planned Willowcreek Ranch neighborhood just north of the Grand Pkwy. in Tomball. Caldwell’s plans currently call for the neighborhood to include just one longitudinal road — a short, private street dubbed Three Bars Trl. It intersects Holderrieth Rd. — an existing public street — at the spot shown in more detail above, the boundary between what’s being developed now and a northern parcel set aside for future building. Because Holderrieth’s 2 nearest junctions with other public streets are currently about a mile-and-a-quarter apart from each other (more than double the city maximum), Caldwell — in building along the road — would be required to create one within its own property.

The reasoning it gives for why it shouldn’t have to: “A public street connection north from Holderrieth is infeasible due to the location of a tributary of Willow Creek,” the development’s namesake. The tributary includes a swath of 100-year-floodplain, shaded lighter blue in the map below:


The darker blue area is the floodway, approximately 830-ft. wide. Any northbound street, “would literally follow the course of this tributary,” Caldwell argues, as it heads up toward Waller-Tomball Rd., the nearest east-west street.

The planning commission is scheduled to vote Thursday on whether to grant the developer’s request.

Neighborhood map: Caldwell Communities. Floodplain map: EHRA Engineers

Off the Grand Pkwy.

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