Woodway Square Apartments Clearing Out Buildings Behind the New Voss Whole Foods Market

Demolition of Woodway Square Apartments, 1300 Wood Hollow Dr., Houston

A shopper at the newly scooted-over Whole Foods Market at 1407 Voss Rd. (where Randalls once stood) sends these pics of the action seen taking place over the back fence of the grocery store, which opened this week. There, excavators are demolishing the west section of the Woodway Square Apartments and neighboring trees immediately behind the store’s loading dock. Here’s a view of one of the knocked-down sections, with another waiting patiently, ready to go:


Demolition of Woodway Square Apartments, 1300 Wood Hollow Dr., Houston

Photos: Barb Sterbanz


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  • I think high rise residential is going to be built on this site.

  • We live in a great country! where new, habitable apts are scraped for newer habitable apts.

  • Wow, that seems like a waste of viable housing

  • movocelot: This will be at least the second time this has happened, but the first time they had a good excuse: the Woodway Square apartments burned down back in 1979.

  • Wow! How old are those units even? They look like late 80’s-early 90’s at the oldest! Are we really tearing down places built this recently now?

  • The owner of the property is in a better position to judge what the property is used for than we are. I agree that we live in a great country because habitable apartments are scrapped for newer ones. That’s progress. Would you rather live in a place where people don’t have the money or rights to make improvements to their own property?

  • Hey brothers. TW is doing 8 story podium apartments on this site. Unit count is 225+ IIRC. Lots of MF going up…and lots of groceries in this area. Going to be interesting to see how all this plays out. Just lemme know if you have any questions. Yall stay safe out there.


  • The Hanover Company built Woodway Square in 1992

  • So what’s the average lifespan of a building in Houston now? Seems like the number is dropping precipitously.

  • So, what was there between 1979 and 1992?

  • Ladies and gents, there were two story flat roof apartments here before Hanover built woodway square. You used to be able to cut through back by carrabas where briargrove pharmacy was before they moved. The apartments weren’t very nice and I think they burned down.

    Across the way where cafe express, le Madeline and Escalantes are used to be a low lying area with dense vegetation.

    Unrelated matter – there is a very old (very very old) cemetery on the horseshoe on wynden. Just west of uptown park. Pretty spooky.

    Take care