Woody Wylie Vale Mod off Old Katy Rd. Wants $700K

There’s more than enough wood to go around outside and within the 1953 single-story at 1002 East Ave., 2 blocks up from Old Katy Rd. Architect Wylie Vale — the force behind many more homes in River Oaks and Memorial — designed the place for former Katy mayor Arthur Miller and his wife Madalyn. It hit the market yesterday at an asking price of $699,900.

Inside, the front living area provides the keynote:


You can see there’s space for ample reading material over on the wall.

Backing out into the media room puts you in the frame of the projector that hangs down near its entryway:

A smaller dining room includes yard access . . .

As well as an opening through which food comes in:

Arboreal finishes are eschewed in the kitchen in favor of paler walls:

And in the utility room, things start to turn pink:

Heading into the bed and bath wing, you can see the most mature sleeping arrangements placed here in the master:

They’re accompanied by 3 other places to lie down:

Adjacent bathrooms take a tiled approach to both and flooring and walling:

A side room off the hall offers privacy, but not too much; there’s always this stone-faced guy to keep you company:

Out back, it’s spacious on the other side of the garage door and drive-thru zone:

A sports court sits across the lawn from the house’s living room . . .

which you can glance back into through the full-wall windows adjacent to the stone chimney:

Former Mayor’s Pad

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  • LOVE it. Similar to our home in Meyerland -flagstone floors ( different pattern ) & all. I’d replace the lawn( a big waste of water and fertilizers and maintenance) and put in low resource use plantings condusive to our soil/climate. Check out the pale green bathroom floor tiles – they in again !!! And it looks like it’s in good shape..Older construction usually lasts longer…

  • I hope the house lands in the hands of owners who are true 1950’s ranch house devotees. The amount of intact finishes is great.