Your Chance To Own Half of Chapultepec Lupita and All of Its Richmond Ave Next-Door Neighbors

Nearly the entire block-face of Richmond Ave between Roseland and Stanford streets is now up for sale; altogether: just over 19,400 sq.-ft. for $4.2 million. The offerings include the 2-story former Drew’s BBQ house pictured above, the residential lot behind it, the eastern half of the Chapultepec Lupita restaurant next-door to it (the portion of the restaurant with a red awning has a different landlord), and the former notary shop between the restaurant and the Koelsch Gallery on the corner of Stanford St.

The restaurant’s lease on its building at 817 Richmond — shown below — runs until next April:


The notary building east of it has been shuttered for nearly a decade.

An adjacent driveway backs into a lot behind the Mexican restaurant:

A look at the shadowy Roseland St. lot that’s included in the listing:

Photos: LoopNet

Fitze Homestead

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  • This site is listed at about 1.3x what it is actually worth… That poor realtor, she has absolutely no idea what she is doing.

  • Wonder if they still have all the Polaroid photos of patrons plastered on the walls?

  • Always wonder what would’ve happened to this area if Metro hadn’t royally screwed up the light rail plans.
    I’m sure we would have seen a lot of investment here 10yrs ago.

  • In early 1984 I lived in the one car garage apartment that was in the back parking lot. It was just the right amount of space . But that poor window AC unit NEVER cooled the space- NO insulation ,etc. The new property owner(s) will either refresh these funky , cool old buildings OR in true Houston fashion , build a faux ritzy , over blown, over designed, way too expensive , high end development LUXURY apartment rental . I’d redo the buildings. And CHARGE for parking !!!

  • @joel
    I thought it was a combination of Rep. Culberson being against the project and working to strip funding from METRO, along with opposition from the wealthy home owners further down the proposed route, that truly did it in, not anything METRO directly did per se.