Abandoned Texas Junk Company Among First Houston Spots To Receive Verizon’s New 5G Service

The building that the Texas Junk Company left in 2016 is now home not only to a brand-new Verizon 5G broadband connection, but a whole array of gadgets designed to show off the service that the carrier launched in Houston a few months ago. Pictured above is the mock living room where for the next week, anyone can make themselves comfortable in front of a 4K resolution TV and a host of other mobile devices while they stream video through the telecom company’s new, purportedly higher-speed lines.

For a more immersive experience, try the virtual reality basketball range shown below off to the right:


It hadn’t yet been illuminated when a Swamplot reader dropped by Sunday night during setup — but the way it looks isn’t so important anyway, since contestants are expected ball out with so-called “blackout headsets” strapped to their faces. The video displayed by the devices will be generated in response to each player’s movements (and streamed through 5G).

A look back toward the living room:

Houston was among the first 4 cities that received the service in October. Verizon is the first carrier so far to offer it, however it hasn’t yet rolled out 5G for cell phones. What’s being made available now is strictly an alternative to traditional cable service for homes and businesses.

Some of the less technologically advanced changes to the Texas Junk building include new garage doors:

And new folding doors:

They went in after all not-yet-whitewashed portions of the building got painted over . . .

including the one where the building’s mascot previously resided:



Photos: Kathryn Way (eighth and ninth); MontroseResident (all others)

East Montrose

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  • Yuck! Verizon is evil. They slowed down data speeds for California firefighters while they were trying to fight wildfires.

  • anonymous, up around chico and sierra nevada region verizon is the only carrier that can provide a signal and depending where you’re at its dismal at best. i’m not aware of any carrier that throttles speeds based on occupation. perhaps it was a heavy load on the network in areas given the amount of impacted traffic.

  • Anonymous : Maybe you use ATT, T-Mobile or Sprint. VZW has a better signal , even in the “country”. I’ll take VZW over any other carrier. VZW had service during and AFTER Hurricanes Katrina & Ike !! The fires in Cali burned the utility power lines and the cell towers. VZW was overwhelmed during the fires and was carrying max capacity where they could.

  • I’m sure Verizon is wonderful. Wonderful right up until when you get throttled!
    Hopefully you are not in a precarious situation when they decide to throttle your data.

  • Texas Junk Company was not “abandoned.” The landlord kicked Bob Novotney out.

  • That building wasn’t abandoned, but any actual real journalism would have reported that. Bob at Texas Junk had been there since 1979 and was forced out by the landlord to undoubtedly make way for corporate wankers who would pay a high price, enter Verizon. Sadly, the character of the Montrose has been replaced by cookie cutter consumerism. Blech.

  • Rubella, I hear you but businesses are going to reflect the local population. The ‘trose has been changing for a while.