East Montrose Texas Junk Company Booted 2 Hours West

Texas Junk Company at 215 Welch St., East Montrose, Houston, 77006

Texas Junk Company at 215 Welch St., East Montrose, Houston, 77006The last of the footwear kicking around at the Texas Junk Company’s curiosity-filled warehouse at 215 Welch St. could be packed up and shipped out as soon as September 30. Per owner Bob Novotney’s telling on social media, the company was told last week to be out of the space by the end of the next month, though he’s hoping to get that deadline pushed back to April; Novotney has already started moving goods to a new space planned at 121 N. Main St. in Moulton, TX (halfway between Shiner and Flatonia). The 1930s building that’s been hosting Texas Junk sits immediately north of the field of townhomes rising on the former site of Ecclesia’s since-reincarnated church-plus-coffee-shop.

Photos: Texas Junk Company

Boots Scooting Out of Town

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  • Let me get this straight?!

    First Zelko Bistro, then Byzantio, Kay’s and now TX Junk Co.!?

    Wow! The houston I love is gone….

  • Oh man, I always assumed the store owner must’ve owned the land to keep things going in that state for so long. This one’s a kicker to the old hood for sure.

  • Wait, Byzantio?

  • Will add to the booted unceremoniously by the landlord. (With Replay on 19th, et al.)

  • More Houston charm goes out the window. Long live Texas Junk Co.

  • When will “Old Montrose” be declared officially dead?
    Texas Junk closing has to be one of the last neighborhood markers left.

  • Bought my first pair of boots here… $80

  • Town home developers have destroyed this city.

  • Lizard skin black label tony lama’s purchased there circa 2001. Couple of old victorian era windows in the late ’90’s. Screw townhomes and the newstonians. I want our neighborhoods and local hang outs back. We were just fine.

  • “Old Montrose” was just a short-term 20th century phase after the normal/decline phases and prior to the upscale phase. It is over. Everything is up from here. Hopefully this cool old building at least remains although that is unlikely.

  • I bought my son’s first boots there because I knew he would outgrow them soon. He loved those boots.

  • @ Mary,
    You’re right, it’s totally the developers. It’s not like the Houston housing market is driven by supply / demand or anything…

  • @arejay, there’s a glut of housing due to the developers chasing the almighty dollar without care for communities!

  • Ohhh Bob, say it isn’t so. You have been the best part of our neighborhood for so long– we saw an inkling of your move but hoped it wouldn’t be for a long time yet. We will miss you, but we know your heart is already in Moulton. Vaya con dios…!

  • Bob does own the building across the street which was for sale for years. We tried to buy it 5 years ago with the plan to actually refurb the building as a single family home. Bob would not budge on his crazy price and our offer of land value only.

    I loved the old junk shop, but it seemed like half the time Bob was not in the mood to sell from his collection which made the whole retail concept a bit strange.

  • I think he’s still waiting for Terry Fisher’s offer first.