39 Townhomes To Rise on East End Bakery Land Behind the Polk St. Kroger


Here is the lot plan for University Grove, a 39-lot single-family development to go in at the corner of Leeland St. and Cullen Blvd., across the Gulf Freeway from UH, just across the street from Mandola’s Deli, right behind the Polk St. Kroger and hard by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railway line.

Landowner Leeland Baking Company, Inc. is listed as a subsidiary of Flowers Foods Inc., the Thomasville, GA-based mega-bakery behind such brands as Nature’s Own, Whitewheat, Wonder Bread, Cobblestone Mill, and Tastykake.


The plans call for 17 of the lots on the 1.9 acre site to be accessed via two shared driveways off of Leeland, while the remainder will be served by a private roadway off Cullen to be called University Grove St.

Plan: Swamplot inbox

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  • This is great news for Eastwood! There’s quite a bit of new construction happening in the hood at the moment (relatively speaking.)

    I certainly hope that the COH can build an underpass or something for the train tracks at Leeland and Cullen though. If not, the folks who buy these townhomes may not get much sleep.

  • @Drew C.: The Cullen railroad crossing is supposed to be included in a master plan for Eastwood’s Quiet Zones. The first phase for crossings at Lawndale and Telephone Rd. was completed earlier this year, and I can attest to a decrease in the number of train horns we hear.

  • That area is gonna be very dense in 30 years. It’s no coincidence that the development resembles an open sardine can.

  • The West Belt study envisaged a dual overpass with Leeland and Cullen intersecting above grade (think Harborside Drive at Pelican Island Causeway in Galveston).

    Since the 25′ required for doublestack clearance + beams + superstructure puts pedestrian eye height above the common living/dining level and up towards the bedroom level, I reckon the new residents ought to start agitating for an underpass as soon as they close.

  • Kroger will need a facelift to gain more customers. Been in the neighborhood for 15 yrs now, and I drive to either the Kroger off 10 or the one in Montrose as it has better selections. Wake up Kroger!

  • Overpass or underpass, how will the residents access the driveways? This plan only makes sense if the street stays at grade, meaning no quiet zone. Hopefully as this works its way through City approvals, it lands on the right desk.

  • At least a tiny pocket park would be nice; the blueprint looks lifeless and depressing. The area is interesting and getting more so. The area between UH and downtown is getting a lot of development pressure.

  • Combat Kroger is gradually becoming less Combat-ty…

  • there doesn’t need to be a grade separated crossing for a quiet zone to be granted.
    combat kroger has more and more dreaded out white folk wearing colorful hand knitted beanies. It’s gradually becoming hipster kroger.