A Change of Screenery for the West Oaks Mall

How long will the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema be sticking around at the West Oaks Mall, now that Regal Entertainment Group has announced it’s going to open a new 14-screen Edwards Theatre multiplex there in the fall of 2012? A spokesperson for Triple Tap Ventures wouldn’t say directly, explaining that the beer-and-movie house will remain open “throughout the planned construction and into the foreseeable future.” But the Alamo Drafthouse owner doesn’t appear to be looking as far ahead as the mall’s owners, who’ve already announced that the 6-screen theater will close after the new theater is opened.

The Edwards multiplex will go into the mall’s west wing, where Mervyns used to be. Next door will be a new plaza with 3 restaurants and outdoor seating. Triple Tap reports it is still looking to open new Alamo Draft House locations both inside the Loop and around the Houston area.

Photo: Joel Barhamand

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  • I wonder what TripleTap’s capital war chest is like? There have been a number of seemingly advantageous options for new theaters come and go (or at least not get optioned) in the last few years: Bayou Place, Alabama, Meyer Park. One would think they’d have been able to convert at least one of those into a new Drafthouse by now.

  • We just went to this Alamo last weekend – our first Drafthouse experience. It was not as bad as we expected, and we might even do it again if it wasn’t 20 miles away [from our inner loop paradise]. What seemed strange to us is that their other location on Mason Road is just 5 miles further west…so when they get booted out of West Oaks Mall hopefully they’ll find a new location that is not within spitting distance of their other one.

  • Well if they leave, I have no more reason to go to the West Oaks Mall.

  • I like how people say that “their other location on Mason Road is just 5 miles further west”.

    If one really knew west Houston, they would understand that although the two locations have 5 miles separating them, they are worlds apart. The Mason Rd locations serves a totally different population base than the West Oaks location. You can thank the reservoir for this.

  • They might as well consider those locations as part of their San Antonio offerings. BFESA.

  • Alamo;

    Come join us in Houston proper!

  • Good luck on developing that space. It’s burbia ghetto. Dicey apartments surround that mall. There’s no reason to go to West Oaks Mall if The Alamo isn’t there. Across hwy 6 there are more apartments except there people get murdered. Do a search for Mission Bend, SW Houston Crime…