A Glenbrook Valley Sixties Mod’s Big Comeback Showoff

8008 Colgate St., Glenbrook Valley, Houston

8008 Colgate St., Glenbrook Valley, HoustonIt isn’t listed on MLS, but this 2-story mod from 1963 is now for sale. You can see it this weekend: The house at 8008 Colgate St. in Glenbrook Valley is one of 3 featured properties in this weekend’s “Mod of the Month” open house hosted by Houston Mod (along with 2 Meadowcreek Village homes that were featured on Swamplot recently). This one is the product of a to-the-studs renovation and expansion completed last year.

What a journey it’s been: “A long term owner had let the house go,” reports agent Robert Searcy, who’s representing the seller. “The flat roof had leaked, water and mold damage plus animals that had been allowed to defecate in the house, I think maybe even some that died in the house and were never removed. The owner’s cars had been sitting in the garage for decades, on flats, fake Christmas trees and junk piled on them, (a Rolls Royce and a Jaguar sedan, both had been bought new originally).”

Here are a few before-and-after views to give a picture:


8008 Colgate St., Glenbrook Valley, Houston

8008 Colgate St., Glenbrook Valley, Houston

8008 Colgate St., Glenbrook Valley, Houston

8008 Colgate St., Glenbrook Valley, Houston

8008 Colgate St., Glenbrook Valley, Houston

After all the clean-up and add-ons, the house now measures 5,870 sq. ft. — with 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms (2 of them halves), and separate media, gym, play, and billiards rooms, reports Searcy. The new roof has a slight pitch to it, he says. Among the many new systems installed: a setup to harvest rainwater. And the toilets have remote controls.

8008 Colgate St., Glenbrook Valley, Houston

8008 Colgate St., Glenbrook Valley, Houston

The asking price for the home, which backs up to Sims Bayou on a 34,562-sq.-ft. lot, is $525,000. The open house runs Sunday from 2 to 4.

Double Decker Redo

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  • Would love to see some more interior shots!

  • “The flat roof had leaked…”

    Of course it did, and it will again one day. This reinforces my personal vendetta against flat roofs.

  • They did such a nice job preserving the exterior, but really missed the mark on the inside…. Galvanized steel wall? Thin stacked stone around the fireplace? C’mon now people.

  • Love seeing reno jobs. Happy to see a new life on the outside of the home but am not really digging what’s been shown of the interiors. I do wish they left the brick fireplace intact. (Slate fireplace with TV over it = this trend needs to die.)

  • Nice Curb Appeal, I Like the big mod address numbers. I agree with the flat roof comment. The area is rough, can’t imagine the Kroger at Bellfort is good for any late night trips. Southwest Airlines will be flying over you 3 dozen times a day.

  • Just drove by this one at lunch, it is a neat little neighborhood, but it surrounded by some pretty shady apartments , and the area still looks like a war zone around it….

  • The interiors on this one are more renovation than restoration. It looks more ordinary modern (Target?) than mid-century. The lick-and-stick on the fireplace is so bland.

  • You call it Mod, I call it Eastern Bloc Instituional. Mod’s are the epitome of King Has no Clothes lesson.

  • Nice job on renovation, but yeah, the area around this neighborhood is not great–I wouldn’t buy this house, not only because of the price and neighborhood surrounding it, but also it’s in a style that many don’t like, thus it probably won’t appreciate much and you’ll need a particular buyer who appreciates this style. Good Luck.

  • And once again, a MCM “renovation” that completely misses the point of what MCM *is*. :(

  • I liked the original design much better. The place just needed to be fixed up. Beautiful enclave of Glenbrook Valley, though, based on what I see on Street View.

    As for aircraft noise, based on runway orientation it’s unlikely that jet aircraft will be flying directly over this home unless there’s some unusual circumstance.

  • I love the industrial size fan on the back patio. It’ll come in handy for our steamy / torrid summer weather. And all the better to blow those pesky flying critters away …

  • Downvote. A double decker mod is rare and special, and it’s too bad that this one has been sacrificed in the name of the HGTV school of interior design, and the ridiculous amount of square footage we apparently need.

  • Yeah, the interior reno is terrible. No attempt to make it match the period of the architecture; dreadful pairings of colors and textures. It’s nice they tried to save the house, but then they just screwed it up again.

  • This house should not have been included as a “mod” and very misleading. It’s an expensive renovation NOT a restoration. Previous Mod of the Month’s help expose houses in danger to a wider audience and possible salvation thru preservation. Sadly this house fell into the wrong hands. Houston Mod shouldn’t have been involved with this one – it makes me leary of the organization and its intent – especially knowing the realtor is part of the group. Oh, and don’t get me started on the price for that area!

  • I like the work. Removing the trees close to the house was a good idea. Gave the house big bright eyes. Adding a concrete/gravel? perimeter around the house was a good idea also. In my op. turf should not touch the house. Good work all around on the landscaping. Good job.