A Barely Been Touched, Sub-$100K Meadowcreek Mod in Blue, by Berry Bayou


Berry Bayou’s banks lie behind an aqua-tipped and aqua-tinted 1962 mod in Meadowcreek Village. The ravine lot property popped up on the market today, with a $99,900 asking price. Many of the home’s original details are intact:



Sputnik is still passing overhead, for example, in the foil-papered entry hall. Carpet with a deep texture finishes out the berry blue front room, its purpose up for grabs as a living or dining space, the listing suggests:


Elsewhere in Aqualand, even the kitchen sink has the blues . . .



and the views:



The 1,850-sq.-ft. home’s combo dining-living space has a slightly vaulted ceiling accented by a spine that matches the paneling. Nipped in, original pendant lights still throw a little attitude as well as lumens in the breakfast nook:


On the other side of the room-dividing planter, the family room handles fireside chats — and access to the driveway and back patio:



The 2 full bathrooms have kept much of their original tile. In the hallway, the shared one is blue (of course). Were the countertop’s accent inserts an update at some point?


The master bathroom is a peachy number with a pebbly countertop insert:


An exterior photo shows sliding doors on the master bedroom and its bathroom window. That back-of-house layout also helps place all 3 bedrooms on that side of the home. All of them are 10-ft. cubes (and camera shy). Not so the back lot, featured in these views:






The home is a quarter-mile northeast of the intersection of Old Galveston Rd. and Richey St.

Hollowed Grounds

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  • Be interesting to see what Berry Creek looks like today.
    Dang, I love it. The outside coloring is nice, could be a bit more subtle, just pressure wash the bricks.

  • Love it.

  • Bayou Backyard after all the rain . . . let the picture tell the story. I just walked out back and took the picture.


  • Browsing on Google Street View, I was surprised to find some very nice streets around there, including the street on which this mod is located. I’m not in Houston so am not familiar with what people think are hot neighborhoods of the future. Might this be one of them? I realize that some sketchy areas are nearby, but that doesn’t seem to stop people these days.

  • ” you’ll forget downtown Houston is moments away”….. because of course its 11 miles away.

  • A yet-to-be-discovered neighborhood that’s an easy commute downtown yet is quiet and filled with trees. Lots of mid-century moderns and mid-century modests. This is a steal at that price.

  • This house is so me it hurts! Might have to take a look.

  • Yes! Absolutely. Meadowcreek Village is the next Glenbrook Valley.

  • Not unexpectedly, the HCFCD reckons this property to be in or very near a floodway. I’ll give you 99 cents for it.

  • @DanDenson

    I would be very surprised if Pasedena ever became a “hot” part of Houston. It’s just too close to all the chem plants, and that’s something that gentrification can never fix. Nice house though

  • Come be my neighbor! I live in Meadowcreek Village, just down the bayou.
    And no, flooding isn’t a problem. Those channelized banks are 20′ high. My house, built in ’66, has never flooded. And having watched plenty of heavy storms, I’m more worried about water coming in from the street side of the house than from the bayou in the backyard.

  • This is just the sort of thing that I would’ve jumped on if I still lived in Houston. It’s probably a good thing that I don’t still live in Houston.

  • Cute house w great potential. Puzzled why the builder used pseudo French/Early American cabinetry in a soft modern home?

  • I grew up near Meadowcreek Village. There are some really nice ’60’s mods hidden among traditional styled houses. This home is one fine example. It’s a unique area, one that contains many architect-designed homes. I hope it will get the recognition and preservation it deserves. There are some very modern designs in the smaller homes that lie south of the bridge, off Richey Rd., as well. It’s interesting to just see their 1 garage designs. They date to the 1950’s. Meadowcreek’s developers were linked to Nasa. I never heard too much about it flooding. It sits near the borderlines of Pasadena/ South Houston/ Houston.

  • “A yet-to-be-discovered neighborhood.” Please. It was discovered 60 years ago. Get off the freeway and you can “discover” a whole lot of this city about which you’re ignorant.

  • There was another mod around to corner recently that was a foreclosure, it stayed on the market for over a year as it was a cash only deal. Unfortunately, the eventual buyer ruined the place by replacing the flat roof with a pitched one, I can barely look at it now.

  • Nabes like this in the Mid-Loop will where people in the coming decades flock to when the desire for density has lost some of its charm and people realize that being “close to amenities, theaters, museums, clubs and restaurants” doesn’t mean a whole lot when you can get to those same places in a short time from your quiet neighborhood.

  • I hate the term “Next Glenbrook Valley”…Meadowcreek Village has it’s own unique identity. Nothing against GBV…they are have done a great job to bring their neighborhood into the spotlight and I applaud them for their efforts. MCV on the other hand has so many great houses and such a diverse community. It is inevitable that the neighborhood will be going through changes in the next couple of years…the original owner of many of the homes unfortunately and sadly can’t live forever or must downsize their huge lots and homes. If the changes are good or bad is yet to be determined but the Civic Club is doing great things and so far so good! Love it here, and proud to call it home.

  • Great point, Dana X!

  • Thank you! You site is very cool!

  • This little house is on my street… I have a modern house also, build in 1959.. We are NOT in the flood zone.. No problems even in Allison…can’t believe this house is sooo cheap.. Someone will scarf it up quickly I’m sure. I hope I know them. Such a cute little house!!