A Mission Athletic Club and Drinkery Wants To Stretch Out and Serve Drinks in and Around This Nett St. Bungalow

A MISSION ATHLETIC CLUB AND DRINKERY WANTS TO STRETCH OUT AND SERVE DRINKS IN AND AROUND THIS NETT ST. BUNGALOW 4504 Nett St., West End, HoustonA TABC notice went out earlier this week to neighbors of this 1,430-sq.-ft. bungalow on a 10,000-sq.ft. lot on the northeast corner of Patterson and Nett streets in the West End. Hoping to serve beer and wine at 4504 Nett St. (misidentified as 4505 Nett St. on the notice): a new establishment called the Mission Athletic Club and Drinkery. Washington Ave is 2 blocks to the south. Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • Noticed this bungalow driving the other day and assumed it was destined for bigger things.

  • Just walked my dog past it and there’s also a sign posted stating “dog friendly park coming soon”. Sounds like it’s looking to pick up the old boneyard customers.