A New Main St. Apartment Complex Moves on to Phase 2 Before It’s Even Complete

Construction of Broadstone Midtown Phase II, Milam at Alabama St., Midtown, Houston

Alliance Residential hasn’t even finished construction on the 203-unit Broadstone apartment complex at 3800 Main, on the southwest corner of Main St. and Alabama in Midtown — but already equipment crews are tearing up a neighboring 1.03-acre lot across Travis St. for a second phase of the development. Last week a Swamplot reader sent in this photo of the scene, looking east from Milam St. south of Alabama, showing earthwork on the vacant lot, for a Broadstone Midtown Phase II. The 3800 Main building is under construction in the background; the Spur is directly behind the camera.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

Broadstone Midtown Part Deux

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  • I was wondering about this when I passed it the other day. With this and the Mid Main project a few blocks south due to break ground this month, this area is going to drastically change in the coming 1-2 years. Pretty cool :)

  • Mid Main is a few blocks north I meant – oooops.

  • Nice to see this area developing. This means more walkability – and more restaurants, shopping and nightlife.

    Does this mean The Center will also move, along with the nearby halfway houses? They’re in disrepair and do not attract a very sophisticated crowd. . . I live around there and am not thrilled about dodging chicken bones and syringes on the sidewalks. Don’t wear flip-flops!

  • At the rate they’re currently going, this project will be completed in 2035.

  • I don’t get it – a lot of projects with “phases” roll them out in a staggered, overlapping manor. It’s a great way to maximize resources, if you got ’em.

  • One could argue that these places are just halfway houses for the “sophisticated crowd” and that the restaurants and bars are just another version of chicken bones and syringes. And I really have no ill will in this statement but only wanted to provide slight amusement and perspective.

  • Developers are in a big hurry these days – whether due to interest rate insecurity, price fluctuations, labor shortage, primary season, solar flares …

    I am a vendor for multi-family and we’re scrambling. Sometimes the cart’s way in front of the horse with pressure to deliver material even before final documents.

  • How long till the mid-town Sears is sold, demo’d, and hi-rised?

  • @Walt – Good question. That site is prime – right on the light rail across from Wheeler station and even a Fiesta across the street. I think it’s only a matter of time. Possibly they could develop something mixed use with ground floor retail – maybe even a large store included as part of that. One concern that I think has been a stigma for the Wheeler/Sears area is the various shelters a few blocks down as well as the homeless that like to hang around Wheeler Station and under the 59 overpass.

  • >>How long till the mid-town Sears is sold, demo’d, and hi-rised?
    Isn’t the Sears’ exterior siding hiding an art deco-esque structure underneath? Maybe when/if the time comes it could be saved and repurposed.

  • It was jokingly renamed to “Fort Sears” when they “modernized” it.

  • @limestone, “saved & repurposed”? That is cute… In a town where they want to tear down the 8th Wonder on the World! I’m all for it, but “saved & repurposed”; I highly doubt it…

  • Noticed I said town and not City. As that is the way some of the yokels around here still think!

  • @ movocelot: Multifamily developers SHOULD be in a hurry. They know that market fundamentals and investor interest come in cycles. Right now, they’re firing on both cylinders — ironically because consumers aren’t sufficiently creditworthy to access debt that multifamily owners can. So…why wait if you don’t have to and sit on vacant land? When your investors and your bank offer you money, you BUILD.