A Topsy Turvy Listing in Fondren Park Maintains an Even Keel

Photos of 11718 N. Kathy Ave., Fondren Park, Houston

If you’re as impressed as we are by the free-rotated and seemingly free-spirited snapshots attached to the listing (see actual screenshot of the entire HAR photo gallery, above), you may be interested in the curious for-sale history of the property at 11718 N. Kathy Ave. in Fondren Park — as recorded by the MLS, at least. The 3-bedroom, 2-bath 1967 home is currently marked “pending,” but records show it’s had that same status since April 18th of last year. The current listing appears to date from September 2012, when it went on the market for $70,000. That’s still the current listed asking price. And $70,000 is also the amount the 1,771-sq.-ft. home on a 12,280-sq.-ft. lot sold for in 1999, according to MLS records.

Still Pending

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  • I just love that the realtor is 1. still using a film camera 2. it is obviously a disposable 3. scanned these pictures in and didnt understand how to crop them!

    also, please note that her realtor picture on the listing is done in the same style….. is this what people did before digital cameras?

  • Look out everyone! Get out of the way! I am going hurl!

  • These photos look like they were ripped straight out of “House of Leaves.” For sale: One house, bedrooms indeterminate. Comes with free hammer, plastic sheeting, and measuring tape.

  • My aunt Eileen and uncle Trip would love this house….

  • Realtors pay someone to goto these houses and take pics of it for them. They should not be using anybody that has anything less than a decent 12mp digital they should not allow disposable film or camera phones

  • Is this Jandek’s house? It sure looks like he shot the photos.

  • It’s like some crazy Instagram selfie house. i bet her grandson thought he was being very clever.

  • …and the description is just a single line or two…. And it’s option pending.
    Goes back to what I said 1000 times. Picture quality is (near) pointless.

  • Do you think the owners ever look at the listing? They must not be real serious about selling.

  • Looks to me like a clever marketing tool to try to draw attention to an otherwise unremarkable listing. In fact, a high quality photo would only call attention to the obvious challenges this house faces.

  • A quick peek at HCAD shows this house has had the same owners since 1999. If it has truly been “pending” for a year, I wonder if the poor owners have been sitting around scratching their heads wondering why their house has not had any viewings after a sale fell through. Uh, because it’s still marked “pending?”

    Stuff is selling over there, and despite the horrible photos, this doesn’t look like a bad little house or neighborhood based on Google map images.

    If it is a case of elderly or just non-internet savvy sellers who have no clue what this realtor has done, shame on her. If it is a case of sellers just not caring – then there ya have it. They got what they paid for in selecting her to sell it.

  • 1 tory house? What, is that David Cameron’s crash pad when he’s in town?