A Wilshire Village Dead-End Variance for the New Montrose H-E-B

The new H-E-B at “Lancaster Center” makes its first appearance at the 7.68-acre Dunlavy and West Alabama corner lot. Any neighbors want to send us the plat drawings they should have received in the mail by now? An interested observer sends in this snapshot and comments:

Some time in the last few days, a “Notice of Variance Request” was posted on the old Wilshire Village / soon-to-be HEB property, for the apparent purpose of dealing with “cul-de-sac standards”. One assumes this has something to do with the current dead-ends of Sul Ross and Branard into property–but what, exactly? Does this mean that part of the property is going to be used to construct cul-de-sacs? Does this mean that the Montrose Land Defense coalition might get thrown a minor bone or two in the way of public green space?

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • This likely means that if the variance is granted, HEB will be allowed to block off those streets from accessing the property.

    This could be a good thing for the neighborhood. I’m sure the homeowners don’t want customers using those streets as entrances. Also, blocking the access point means HEB could built a sound wall so the loading dock won’t bother the neighbors.

  • Not actually on point, but I’m wondering if the traffic standards imposed on Ashby High Rise will be imposed here. Bissonnet is the same size street as Alabama (3 lanes)- perhaps they have different designations, though. Any thoughts?

  • @Mary Lewis: Bissonnet in that area is basically two lanes. There is no official turning lane like on Alabama.

  • More of a problem would be Dunlavy. As it is right now, two cars can hardly stay on road without falling into the ditches.