The Fabulous Flea on the Market

Today, tomorrow, and Thursday are the final days for The Fabulous Flea: After this sale, shop owner Mary Daly and her husband hope to sell the little Bammel Lane antique store — along with their cozy 4,018-sq.-ft. house next door. The compound, designed by Kurt Aichler, also includes a pool, an open-air poolhouse, and a small collection of courtyards on a 15,000-sq.-ft. lot.

The whole 4-6 bedroom, 3-1/2-bath package is priced at $1,995,000. But you might be able to find a few pieces of furniture for a little less than that at the shop’s final sale this week:


As you might expect, expert housegawker Joni Webb is ready with an extensive photo tour of the grounds. A few highlights:

Behind the stucco walls, the house is to the left, while the pool house is to the right. An office is located in the upstairs turret. Downstairs, the living room, dining room, and family room are on an enfilade, one room after another.

The view from that fully functional turret master control center:

And the poolhouse:

Photos: Joni Webb (top 4), HAR (all others)

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  • I love it. And, dare I say, it seems very reasonably priced.

    The pool house reminds me of the one in the Oklahoma’s Governor’s mansion, though.

  • Forgot to add:

    I think that the realtor’s description of the place being “in the heart of the River Oaks area” is more than a bit misleading, however.

  • I have often been in the vanguard of the proletariat when it comes to making snarky remarks about the architectural travesties and interior design abortions of the rich and famous (offered by Swamplot to its readers like a circus trainer offering raw meat to his jungle cats). That said (and I hate to admit it), as an example of wretched excess, this is one fine looking house!

  • Agreed with you, RWB…apparently money AND taste do occur simultaneously sometimes!

  • Beige, beige and more beige

  • It is a beautiful home; but readers should note that this is a deed restricted “residential only” neighborhood that does not allow store front businesses. Swamplot, you need to check your facts about this property….

  • @Neighbor: That might explain the “by appointment” policy and the blackboard sign. What about the 3-day-long moving sale?

  • From the latest issue of Antique Shops and Designers magazine:

    “It is centrally located and with no restrictions against operating a home business. Thus she was able to add a multi purpose space which she calls her studio and uses as a showroom for her business, The Fabulous Flea. . . .

    “The Fabulous Flea, open four times a year for unloading sales, or by appointment, is located in the studio next to the pavilion. Windows look out onto the garden. A small canvas awning embroidered with a tiny flea swags the entrance to the street — the only clue to [its] existence.”

  • @Gus: As for fact checking, two wrongs don’t make a right, even if they are in print in beautiful architecture and design magazines.

    From the Deed for the properties in this neighborhood, direct quote:

    Page 2; Use of Land
    (a) No lots shall be used for anything other than residential purposes.
    (b) No signs, billboards, posters, or advertising cevises of any character shall be erected on this property . . .

    Page 3; Architectural Restrictions
    (b) All lots in the tract shall be known and described as residential lots

  • @Neighbor: It doesn’t change the fact that she’s doing it and there is a sale this week.

  • Sorry I’m late.
    Random – your comment about the pool lives up to your name. Nice!
    And yes, y’all – it is a fine, fine place and if my car payment wasn’t due next week, I would so put in an offer.

  • What a Great house…Great addition to the block and a very nice improvement to the neighbors property values if it sells for its asking price…If I owned the property, I would forget about selling, divide the property back up again and then teardown the studio, build a nice 6-8 unit apartment building on the lot….Now that would be so much better than a 4 times a year Studio sale… Have these same neighbors totally overlooked the Houston Farmers Market that goes on every Saturday across the street…. Watch out local Farmers…. these neighbors maybe coming after you next…

  • Enfilade is just another word for shotgun.

    This is a nice place. A little color inside would spark it up. But like finness, we have a car payment.

  • To neighbor…Your green with envy horns are
    as big as a Texas longhorns.