All Quiet in Melrose Park

A reader from the Heights writes in to ask what’s going on with the condos on the southwest corner of Heights Blvd. and 15th St.:

I am curious about a development project that seems to have fallen prey to the recent US mortgage debacle. The place looks abandoned and unfinished.

Two condos in the 20-unit Melrose Park Condominium development are listed for sale on HAR. All but one of the units appear to have the same owner. Can anyone fill our reader in on the latest?

Photo of 1447 and 1449 Heights Blvd.: HAR

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  • This place never impressed me. You can take a pile of dog poo and put candy sprinkles on it….but in the end…..its still a pile of dog poo.

  • You got that right, Jeff … and an almost $200/month maintenance fee ? For what ?!

  • …candy sprinkles…

  • I used to live down the street from these, when they were super crappy apartments with tin foil in the windows. During construction and now it looks like most of the work that was done was superficial at best. They were also open and abandoned looking for a while. So you can probably add some cat poo, rat poo, and pigeon poo to the pile, too.

  • Hey Jeff, Kelley and Jessica, we all appreciate your foray into creative writing; enlightening if overtly scatological but I think it’s time for some facts. Melrose Park is mostly vacant and is especially a victim of the decline in the mortgage market. Granted, the maintenance fee is nearly $200 but London Square Condos in the Galleria is nearly twice that for similar amenities and a much older complex ( let’s not even bring up the fees at the Royalton on Allen Parkeway). The complex at Melrose Park is actually a complete remodel. All walls were torn down to the studs and all electrical and plumbing systems completely replaced. Additionally each unit is customizable by the new owner and the finishes include hardwood floors, granite counters, stainless appliances etc. A little research is all it takes my dears. Happy Holidays!

  • Forget the $200/month maintenance; why would anyone pay $188K for either of the listed units? I have two bedrooms, my own laundry room, a garage, and a yard and paid only $190,000. I’m not on the boulevard, and my place could do with some updating, but still….

    And Josh, if you have an interest in this place, I’d suggest you spend some money on landscaping. That courtyard is fugly to the max.

  • Toadfroggy, I think you are completely right about the pricing. I feel 188k is pie-in-the-sky unrealistic; I’d much prefer to see them about $135k tops even if each unit comes with its own washer/dryer included. As far as the landscaping, I also agree, it’s unattractive and I don’t hold out high hopes that it will necessarily be as long lasting or useful as the developer might suspect. I’m sure the residents would prefer a pool or some plantlife; even some statuary would be more in keeping with the Heights style.

  • Condo and apartment redevelopers tend to be a rather unscrupulous lot. I’ve locked horns with some before. This thing should have been torn down and townhomes put in before the market collapse. Good luck doing anything with it for the near future.

  • Thanks for the friendly reminder, Jeff, but thorough research also generally includes eyewitness accounts. I drove/walked by that property every day for a few years, during which time the buildings were in transition from low rent apartments to what we see now – and I was not under the impression that a high level of care or workmanship was going into the renovations. But if the developer’s post on HAIF from 2007 tells you differently, then I guess I could have been wrong! Wouldn’t be the first time.

  • The comments above reflect people who know nothing about this property. As a new owner and soon to be resident of The Heights, I have researched the construction and renovation thoroughly. The new owner and contractor have gutted this structure and used quality construction materials and the latest in appliances and European cabinets. The only original part of this structure left was the frame, block and studs. Anyone looking for the best bargain in the Heights has to stop by and see the units now under construction and the depth of the remodel.

    They are using upscale materials in all the rooms, they have hardwood floors and granite counters. The property is currently being renovated to accommodate a parking lot in the rear of the building with security gates and coded entry. The roof on both buildings has been replaced and the electrical was completely replaced along with the plumbing to meet code. The stacked stone facer and huge cedar beams have replaced the old dated lumber. The walks on the second floor are 12 inches wider and there is a gym and guest suite available for the residents and owner to use as amenities.

    If you want to discredit this property then go see it first and try to find a better value in the Heights for $125,000. Check out the rebuild and the models; new condos for this price on Heights Blvd are non existent. As a new resident/owner just email me at and I’ll give you the owners name and number. Take a look and see for yourself.

  • Kathy, I agree. I looked last week at these apartments and they are NICE! I don’t know what these people are speaking about with $200 fees and window dressing because I spoke to the developer and they are clueless about this fee and the rebuild is extensive. New everything, floors, walls, kitchens, windows and it goes on and on. The one and a half bedroom is only 129,900.

    I want to rent one first and at $900 a month then option my rent money to buy it if it works for me. You can’t find anything close to this for the money on Heights Blvd unless you want to live one of those flea traps from the 70’s that smell like old shoes!

  • James, I look forward to meeting you and the others who have bought and rented soon. I believe that based on the people I met who bought and are leasing we will have a good group there. Have you met the property manager yet. He and his wife are going to live there and are really nice people. Drop me an email and let me know what your move-in date is. Thanks

  • Well, let’s see. I too live in the Heights and watched these places being “renovated”. It is virtually impossible that the entire attic is not full of pigeon droppings. For months on end, they sat open and hundreds of pigeons were roosting and flying in and out of the attics.

    As far as the maintenance fees that people quoted in December, they probably came from the icitycondo web site. They’ve now been changed on the web site to $150 for the “600 sqft” unit and $195 for the “800 sqft” unit. On another page it indicates those are monthly fees. Also, per HCAD, the units are 581 and 773 sqft.

    The prices on the web site are $130K-137K for the small unit and $165K-170K for the larger one. That’s still over $210/sq ft and it’s a condo!

    I also picked up a brochure when they were under construction. There were wonderful photos of the “outdoor kitchen” (you can still see it on the web site) with a fireplace and built-in grill, etc. There was a small footnote that said “actual outdoor kitchen may vary substantially from photo” or something like that. What an understatement! The actual “outdoor kitchen” that I saw was a couple of free-standing residential-sized gas grills.

    The brochure also featured photos of the kitchens in the condos with beautiful cabinets and countertops with the same footnote “actual kitchen may vary substantially from photo.” Since the photo they used in the brochure was “borrowed” from the Kraftmaid cabinet literature, I’d imagine the finished kitchens do vary substantially.

  • Everyone,

    I have read all of the comments and I have to say, WOW, top to bottom.

    I would like to invite everyone to the project and to take a tour. for some it will not be what they want, for others it will be a wonderful little (yes I said little) condo they have experienced in a long time. Since I have taken over I have repriced, rebuilt and redesigned the project!

    Melrose is a quaint little well designed project on the boulevard.

    I am the listing agent and would like to answer any questions anyone may have. I know its not perfect but then again no place is perfect.

    I’ve sold 139 units at the Royalton, 119 units at the MOsaic 29 Units at The Vistas and many more CONDOS here in Houston. All shots aside I encourage anyone with an opinion, question, comment or need to call me and ask.

    Melrose has done a 180 and although I may have a biassed opinion I want everyone to come by and help us make it the most it can be.

    Thanks everyone and let me know what we can do to make Melrose the place to live.

    Ken Manfredi
    Plum Pads Houston

  • I’d like to know what Kathy Corbitt thinks a year later.

  • Matt

    We are having a party tueday. Come see our homes and meet our residents.

    If you like great if not thats cool too. Love to hear fom you.

  • As an owner and a resident of Melrose, I have enjoyed the property and love living on the Blvd. The other residents who live here are great neighbors and we all seem to share the same lifestyle that living here provides. There have been closings every month since August of 09 and I have 6 new neighbors.

    My suggestion is to come by and meet with the new developer, you’ll see for your self that the pigons have moved outside and 1449 is complete and 70% sold. 1447 is under construction and in speaking to the real estate people they have taken deposits on 2 units already. We all believe that this property will be a good investment and I know there is not a better buy on the Blvd.

  • *Waves* to Kathy Corbitt.

  • I’d like to comment on the question of the ownership.

    As of today February 22nd 2010 6 closings have taken place. his is after cleaning up and finishing the 1449 side in late october.

    To date their are 3 pending contracts which leaves 3 available on the 1449 side and 10 left on the 1447 side.

    1447 construction is slated to start in March and run 60 days. At which we will invite everyone out to take advantage of the new incentives.

    Please come out and take a look. You will not be disappointed.

  • I would like to update everyone on sales. Melrose currently has all but one under contract on the 1449 side and three pre-sold on the 1447 side.

    Maintenance fees are only 140 for the smaller units and we are hoping for that to go down after we get our CO.

    The courtyard has been revamped and the 1447 side re-engineered so that the new one bedroom condos has a Bette use of the space.

    We thank the Houston Realtors for helping make Melrose the success it has been. More than 75% of the sales are co-oped and we love it!

    Looking forward to everyones feedback.

  • Are the condos being bought by investors who plan to lease them out or owners who plan to live in them?

  • Every home purchased to date is used as a primary or secondary residence. We have one renter that was done prior to obtaining approval in July of 2009 to begin selling again. That lease is up and we will put the condo back on the market in July.

    Thank you for your question. Come see us. You won’t be dissappointed.

  • Heres an update for ya, only 6 left at Melrose!

  • I bought one and the place is really nice. Can’t find a better buy on the blvd!

  • Um, yeah. Nearly two years later and still six left. Yeah, selling like hotcakes, they are.

  • Goglemaster. Two years?? Get your facts straight before Making erroneous comments. Respectfully, if you want to comment negatively you should not hide behind a screen name. Very cowardly of you.

    Here are the actual facts:

    Melrose started closing October 26th 2009 after cleaning up a terrible mess that the previous broker created. We Didin’t finish the second side until almost June of 2010.

    The buildings are selling for between 165-212 a foot and nearly sold out.

    Obviously you have a beef with Melrose or you woud see how positive our progress has been.

    I wish to thank the real estate community for their support this past year! Without the hard working realtors here in Houston we would have never made Melrose the success story it is today!

    Be Safe everyone and come by anytime. 1449 Heights Blvd. #111 77008

  • I now rent my unit and have seen the transition from bad to very good with this property. As an owner/landlord I can safely say that this was a good investment. There are 3 units left out of 21 and they were recently completed (January) and I’m sure with March in full swing these will be gone because I’m waiting on number 21 and buying that one too! So 2 more to go for this property since Oct 09 on 1449 side and June 2010 on 1447 side. It was the best buy on the BLVD.