Amid All the Energy Corridor Cranes, a New Place To Play with Toy Cranes

Construction of Daycare Facility, Shell Woodcreek Campus, 200 N. Dairy Ashford Rd., Energy Corridor, Houston

We’re counting no fewer than 5 construction cranes in this view looking east along the north side of I-10 from N. Eldridge Pkwy. But what’s that one-story building going up in the center of the photo on the north side of the I-10 feeder, south of Shell’s Woodcreek campus and east of ConocoPhillips, on N. Dairy Ashford? It’s a new daycare facility for Shell.

Photo: David Elizondo

Shell Games

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  • awesome, glad all these poor hard working folks are getting better access to employer subsidized childcare.

  • @joel: I’m not sure if it’s subsidized or not, but from what I’ve heard it sure ain’t cheap.

  • Energy Corridor is such a waste….I wish it was closer in the city….Skyline would’ve been even more awesome…stupid Houston

  • @elseed: such as it is for cities without natural & municipal barriers to dev’t. It’s quite a feat that downtown for this sprawling city has the skyline that it does.

  • There’s actually more than a few folks in the metro who think that they’re too many jobs already in the Energy Corridor, and they should be locating these office buildings out near the Grand Parkway. (I remain without opinion on the matter, I say let the market decide.)

  • I think it’s awesome that the Houston metro area has multiple employment centers. This allows people to live somewhat close to where they work, if they do it right.

    Besides, if you think traffic is awful now, can you imagine if all of those people who now work in Sugar Land, the Energy Corridor, Katy, The Woodlands, Humble/Kingwood, and Clear Lake (are there any of those left?) were trying to commute to downtown?