An 1880s Old Sixth Ward Shotgun, in an 1880s Old Sixth Ward Shotgun House



Talk about shotgun stylin’: The listing for this double-barreled 1885 cottage in the Old Sixth Ward winks at its straight-shot floor plan with a sure-fire choice of equivalent-vintage decor above a bedroom door (top). Posted Wednesday, the renovated property (with patriotic porch) has a $325K asking price. The last time the home changed hands was 2012, when it sold for $242,000.



At just over 1,000 sq. ft., the vintage home has an entry area open to both a front bedroom (through a door in the right background of the photo above) and the current living room. Half-height room dividers tie into the latter’s wainscot. Interiors feature original hardwood flooring, windows, crown molding, and straight-edge trim around the doors.


Natural light floods through the back door’s glass upper panels into a laundry area tucked into the tiled mudroom.  Meanwhile, the front bedroom has been pulling duty as another living room:


This dining room near a hallway fits into the floor plan somewhere:


A series of renovations ran 2010 to 2013, the listing says.




Both bedrooms measure 12 ft. by 13 ft. The lone bathroom has newish cabinets (and sprang for a double vanity) but kept some of its retro feel in the fittings:



Both doors at the back of the home land on the wooden deck. Given the changes in siding and door styles, could the back room have been an addition at some point? HCAD indicates some sort of remodeling took place in 1998.


The 3,300-sq.-ft. lot comes with a bit o’ yard and some parking on a driveway behind a gate. There’s also on-street parking (for residents only). Washington Ave is 2 blocks north. Buffalo Bayou Park, Eleanor Tinsley Park, and the Lee and Joe Jamail Skate Park are 3 blocks south (and across Memorial Drive).

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  • Nice for a single person. Would have been better if they kept the kitchen more period. Ixnay on that marble counter top.

  • The walkway in the last photo looks like a DYI project (concrete feet are a giveaway), without the inspector who might insist on a railing.

  • Cute place…but ugh! That kitchen! Why, oh why, do people insist that upgrades to a kitchen must include that marbled granite?? And dark faux-wood cabinets? They still white or paint-grade cabinets at Home Depot too!

  • Love this house! And that the kitchen is updated so nicely.

  • Love this neighborhood. Old homes like this bring me back to my childhood. I have fond memories of growing up in a shotgun style home.

  • Not just for single people. A married couple currently lives there. The owners were actually in the Chronicle a while back in a feature about their lamp-making business–that explains some of the cool fixtures…. Funny how six or eight people probably lived in this house 100 years ago but, today, it’s only suitable for “single” people and their shoe collection or animal-children. : )

  • Personally. I like kitchen. That’s the thing about old houses. I like the old style home but want a modern kitchen space.

  • It’s a shotgun hanging in a shotgun! Ha. Awesome.

  • What a gem! Modernized but with loads of vintage vibes. The old 6th ward is one of the few neighborhoods holding onto and actively supporting the charm of yesterday.

  • As to the railing, isn’t 36″ the code requirement for railings? Not sure if that deck’s even close to that….

  • I find it hard to believe that the house is worth $325K, but, regardless, I generally like the place, although the tub/shower situation would give me serious pause and I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a ceiling fan in a kitchen before.

  • I love it! Quite charming.

  • Jason: The railing is a code for your OWN home? Geeze, I figured they’d let you (makes me cringe to type ‘let you’ in the context of your OWN home) have whatever rail you want… I figured that 36″ was some multifamily rule (I’m always having to mess with railings to make the city happy)

  • a lot of renovated houses, granted a little bigger than this, are going for around 400k in the OSW. houses that look like they are about to cave in on themselves are going for around 200k. maybe the sweet spot for this one is 315k, but i dont think their asking price is outrageous. one thing not mentioned in the post but on HAR is the attic space at the back of the home is large enough to turn into a master bedroom.

  • i’m probably nit-picking, but a shotgun house has all the rooms in a single row with all the doors aligned from one end to the other. I’m not seeing that.

  • $325k? for <1000 sg ft? I guess there really is a sucker born every minute.