Another Highrise Squeezing Into the Med Center?

ANOTHER HIGHRISE SQUEEZING INTO THE MED CENTER? Real Estate Bisnow’s Catie Dixon reports that this 2-acre parcel on the edge of the Med Center, overlooking Brays Bayou and being overlooked by the 40-story condo tower The Spires right next door, might become the site of another highrise. ARA, which is marketing the property here on the corner of Cambridge and Holcombe Blvd., tells Dixon that though the site is not yet on the market, there has already been interest in it both from an apartment builder and a hotel developer. [Real Estate Bisnow] Image: ARA

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  • I’m guessing the residents of The Spires won’t be thrilled at this prospect–highly doubt it gets built anyway, this “reporter” is probably just putting out feelers for the “developer” –good luck getting financing, the bubble is about to burst on these high rise residences

  • Shannon can you not bitch on every article on Swamplot? Maybe times are tough for you and you feel like you have to express yourself here, but Houston is going through some incredibly exciting growth right now. There are plenty of cities that have multiple 40+ story towers clustered together and no one seems to mind, and with vacant land tight in the Medical Center all they can do is build up. Instead of looking at the negatives you should be happy that you live in the best city in America right now and not Detroit.

  • Amen, Anonymous.

  • I second the motion.

  • I agree with Superdave.

  • I’ll say what I please–I’m free white and 21–you’re free not to agree, but respect my right to comment as I do yours–I don’t agree with any of you most of the time but I don’t make personal attacks on your character–show some class–geez

  • I second (and third) the motion. Anonymous has it right. We are fortunate the live in an area of abundance and growth. I say build a tower there. At the very least it will be new eye candy for us all…

  • Here’s my thoughts:

    I don’t want to see the iconic Astrodome torn down for parking for the Texans

    I don’t like seeing historical bungalow’s torn down for poorly built townhouse

    I don’t appreciate skyscapers built in people’s backyards

    I appreciate creative design like the new skyscraper proposed for Market Square

    I’d like to see the chevron Tower taller so it will actually have an impact on the skyline

    I’m excited about the seeing the redesign of Hines new skyscraper downtown

    I like most of the new mansions in River Oak

    I love Memorial Park and have ran miles around it–love the zoo and Hermann as well

    I think the Rice Campus is the prettiest in the state and think Southampton is Houston’s prettiest neighborhood

    I’m no fan of ambulance chasing lawyers

    I think Houston is starting to over speculate like in the early 80’s

    I prefer Houston to Detroit, but prefer San Deigo over both

    I’m a native Houstonian who grew up in Southampton and have a deep love for the city, that’s why I care enough to develop opinions with relation to the city –the end

  • Shannon, what in the world does your being a “white man” have to do with anything? What the commentators are saying to you is can’t you ever see the glass as half full? Of course not everything is going to be exactly as you wish (unless you’re paying for it)but Houston wouldn’t be Houston if it wasn’t for our funky, put anything anywhere the market dictates philosophy. And by the way, Southampton used to be a field, and I am sure when it was built not everyone was pleased with the suburban homes being built there. It was the suburbs when it was built in the 1920’s. Your negative comments seem to out weigh the positives. Put your money where your mouth is, if you don’t like the new projects. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the growth and increased vitality and tax base.

  • Shannon, the city is not your art gallery and you do not own it. You are not nobility. You need to learn to play nice with the other children on the playground, even if their blood does not run so blue.