As It Was in Afton Oaks

This home, with a dramatic roofline that only hints at the remarkable ceiling swoops that await inside, was the 1952 creation of Houston architect Allen R. Williams. It’s at the corner of Ivanhoe and Kettering in Afton Oaks, and as of this week, it’s on the market “as is.”



So how is it? The colors and grainy quality of the listing images makes them look like scans from a midcentury magazine spread.

Except, of course, for that scene with the LCD monitor:

Was the straight-leg carport-and-bedrooms wing a later extension?

There’s a total of 4 bedrooms and 3 baths in the home’s 3,536 sq. ft. Asking price: $609,900.

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  • Can I get the matching Brady Bunch ?

    And that terrible addition looks like some of the apartments in the Heights.

    I’ll take it for $150K..

  • I’d expect to see a piranha pond, and Blofeld petting a white cat inside.

  • Does “as is” in this case mean it comes with the furniture? I am loving that curvy sofa!

  • OMG…one too many glasses of wine and I might run into one of those poles and knock myself out.

  • Darn it, I want that house! :-) But these chandeliers have to go — they don’t go with the mid-century architecture.

  • What a great and unique house, of course a lot of people won’t appreciate it. If it isn’t stucco or some faux-chateau mini palace on a quarter acre it will sail right over the heads of a lot people.

  • Roofline is simply stunning. You don’t see homes with this much character anymore.

  • Really interesting home. I wonder if someone with deep pockets could revise the structure using steel and get rid of the columns? They are an unfortunate distraction.

  • Bill – the carport and bedroom/bath above it are original – not an addition. Scott -there actually is a pond outside the kitchen – atracts lots of bullfrogs -no pirhanas though. Sorry Claire – the curvy sofa has a new owner, but it was groovy! Over imbibing is not recommended in this home, as falling from one level to the next is certainly a risk. To the rest – it truly is a unique structure and was a cherished family home for nearly 40 years.

  • Wow, I love this house! But not the furnishings or the chandeliers, which don’t go with the house at all… But it’s so nice to see the owners kept the original architecture, and it could really be restored to be a beauty! I’m trying to figure out exactly where the kitchen is in relation to the other rooms, as well as the foot of the stairs.