Backdoor Popsicle Shop Planned as Part of Doc’s Sweetgreen Redo

Documents put out by Houston’s planning commission reveal that Sweetgreen isn’t the only tenant signed up to take over Doc’s Motorwork’s empty structure at 1303 Westheimer; there’s also a Steel City Pops on the way to the back of the building. The site plan at top shows it grabbing about 900 sq.-ft along Graustark St., leaving the rest of the 4,400-sq.-ft. building reserved for the plant-based anchor tenant.

This is Sweetgreen’s first step into Texas, according to Eater’s Alaena Hostetter (or second, if you count the other not-yet-open location it has planned for Rice Village) and it wants to make Doc’s building look like this before setting foot in it:


The woodwork you see boxing in portions of the patio is a new pergola that the folks behind the redo want to add on. They’re also proposing new bona-fide railings in place of the metal planters Doc’s previously used for crowd control:

The planning commission plans to weigh-in on Sweetgreen’s vision at its January 17 meeting.


On Deck Along Westheimer

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