Bar Takes Old Guadalajara Spot on Washington

A reader has spotted some signs hanging on the fence outside 4003 Washington near Leverkuhn, where the Guadalajara Bakery used to be: The slick one in the photo above for La Roux, and another just a few feet away indicating that La Roux has applied to sell alcohol. County records show that the 1930 4,368-sq.-ft. building at 4003 Washington and 2 nearby vacant lots — the 5,100-sq.-ft. one at 4011 Washington, and the 28,045-sq.-ft. one at 4015 Washington — are all owned by Kaplan Kalan Properties.


The block is just west of the retail center at 3939 Washington, where Pedestrian Pete and city planner Peter Park once stood to debate the impact of guy wires on walkability.

Photos: Lisa L. Riley

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  • Hmmmm, Kaplan Properties again, they better read their lease agreement, well.

  • I miss Guadalajara…
    they had the best tacos :(

  • The owner of the property has been misidentified. It is Kalan Properties LLC, which is an amalgam of its partners, Brooks KALlop and Jack LANglois.

    It is nevertheless true, WASP, that one should always read and understand their lease agreement before signing it.

  • Cue the obligatory and trite “douche” comments.

    Glad to see this crumbling eyesore redeveloped.

  • @TheNiche: Thanks for catching that. The story has been updated.

  • I’m just glad they’re finally doing something with it. Guadalajara closed in February… of 2012. I live right around the corner, and it has been annoying having it sit there as a useless eyesore for over 18 months.