Becks Prime Called Out at Memorial City Mall Hamburger Joint Where Roger Clemens Was Named as a Starter but Never Pitched

Becks Prime Sportatorium, 303 Memorial City Mall (Sears Wing) Suite 514, Memorial City, HoustonThe 10,000-sq.-ft. Becks Prime location in the Sears wing of the Memorial City Mall — dubbed the Sportatorium on account of its 30 big-screen teevees showing major league sporting events, video game room, and conference room — shut down for good on Saturday. The location had been open since 2008, when the local hamburger chain was substituted late in the game for a venture originally planned to feature Roger Clemens, back in the days when the former Astros, Yankees, and Red Sox player was best known for his standout pitching.


Signage, screens, and furniture for Roger Clemens’ Rocket Sports Grill had already gone in at the Gessner-facing section of the mall before Clemens was sent to the showers, one third of the lease space was lopped off, and Becks Prime moved in for 6 years or relief work. The fall of Clemens’s restaurant venture coincided with the decline of his reputation: He spent much of 2008 denying that he had used steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs in his professional career, and later that year began his much-scrutinized testimony before Congress.

Eleven other Becks Prime locations are still open in the Houston area.

Photo: Becks Prime

Burgers Are Out!

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  • Not surprising. I went in there a few weeks ago and sat down but no server ever stopped at my table. At first I wanted to see how long it would take them to come by (I was killing time waiting for my wife anyway) but after 20 mintues I lost patience and left.

    Later I sent an email to Becks Prime about this and never heard a peep back from them. I can understand if the restaurant is having a bad day, someone calls out sick, etc. But it wasn’t busy, and if a customer is ticked off enough to send an email, they should have at least sent some kind of apology.

  • I guess I’ll be first to say that Beck’s serves mediocre, overpriced food; the milkshakes excepted. Convenience and the patio at the Memorial Park location are the only reasons to consider eating there.

  • You know I was there last October. They were not very busy. I sat at the bar and was totally ignored for about 20 minutes. As I got up to leave I thought that in 6 months tops they would be gone. I was close…..

  • That’s a shame to hear, I thought they were really good back in the 90s. They didn’t seem as good the few times I’ve been there in the last few years … It did kinda seem like no one was minding the store.

  • I have to say that I like Beck’s burger, fries and shakes. But, I agree with the other comments here about the crappy service at Memorial City. I also, have left after being ignored … Twice. I kind of think that the management at Memorial City was different that the other locations.

  • The only Beck’s Primes that I have been to, you order at the counter. Was this one different? If not, maybe that’s why y’all never saw a server.

  • GoogleMaster – Yes, the Beck’s Prime at Memorial City was different. It was sit down and order along with a bar. It was more like a sports bar with several large TVs. The menu was somewhat different. The burgers and fries seemed to be the same as at the other places. I never had much of anything else.

  • That location was bad years ago. I dont know why it took so long. Good idea, but theres no way i would fight the mall traffic to go there plus the service was bad. Fun because the Becks on Westheimer has the best service around. I think the food is great, but a little pricey.

  • Not surprising at all. Mediocre, overpriced food and lousy service. It was so bad it was even ignored by the rec league hockey players (and we are people who are happy to drink beer in a locker room or a parking lot, as long as it’s close to the rink)