Behold the Orange Glow: The Dynamo Stadium Blob Is Ready To Go

The big East Downtown orangish blob that will be Dynamo Stadium takes on a more definite shape in these new drawings. That’s a giant steel mesh wrapping the 22,000-seat soccer and football venue. Inside: 34 luxury suites, 1,000 “club” seats, and a stadium club. Separate canopies connected to the exterior mesh hang over both sidelines and a stage on the south end. The Houston Business Journal‘s Allison Wollam reports that orange lights will shine on the stadium at night — but the tower lighting shown in earlier renderings is gone from the latest images. Maybe, as a Dynamo fan on HAIF suggests, the place is just gonna glow from within.


What’s gonna go on under the lights — or during daytime, under the big orange sun? Dynamo president Chris Canetti counts 20 regular-season Dynamo soccer games a year, 4 international soccer matches, six TSU home football games, 5 to 6 concerts — and maybe a boxing match, just to humor team owner Oscar De La Hoya. Plus maybe a high-school championship game or 2. A groundbreaking ceremony for the stadium, on the property bounded by Texas, Walker, Dowling, and Hutchins streets, has been scheduled for January 29th.

Renderings: Populous, via Manhattan Construction

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