Bike Trail Now Creeping Down Toward White Oak Bayou Greenway from Near Northside

Trail construction along White Oak Bayou near Leonel Castillo Community Center, 2101 South St, Near Northside, Houston, 77009

A reader caught some shots last week of the current trailblazing going on between the Leonel Castillo Community Center and the White Oak Bayou greenway trail in Near Northside. The new connector should hit the path roughly between the south end of the building and the nearby Thomas Street Health Center HIV-slash-AIDS service building, just north of where the Heights hike-and-bike trail crosses over the bayou and under the Hogan St. bridge to merge with the White Oak trail on the way into Downtown:


Trail construction along White Oak Bayou near Leonel Castillo Community Center, 2101 South St, Near Northside, Houston, 77009

Photos: RoB

Closing Distance to Downtown

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  • About time. The path is fantastic but connections to anything east of the bayou and south of White Oak Park were conspicuously absent.

  • As the city adds more connectors and trails to the network it provides more options for commuters.
    This is a very good thing. It also saves lives.

  • Always great to hear of more bike trails/connections and with cooler weather coming in makes for great riding. Looking forward to exploring new trails.

  • Is this related to the new bike lanes that popped up on Houston Ave over the weekend? They’re on the west side of Houston between White Oak and Spring St.

  • This is great. But how about finishing that last 200 yards to connect between Stude park and the main trail at the trestle? That has been sitting there uncompleted for what, four years now??????

  • AmandaHou, the bike lane on Houston Ave is a temporary bike lane due to some detours:

  • They seem to be doing it right, this time. The existing paths were stabilised rubble and then coldpatch blacktop. These are susceptible to slumping, with longitudinal cracks, some many beet long, as much as 6 inches wide, and quite deep, to the point that a portion of the Brays Bayou bike path was barricaded (ok, taped) off and labeled “unsafe for bicycles”. Nice to see proper bedding, forms, and rebar for a real pour. I haven’t seen an actual on-the-site slump test, but still…

  • The article describes where this spur will hit the existing bike trail, but it doesn’t explain what the other end will be connecting to, which would be the key point in highlighting the utility of this construction.

  • @UG, I agree with your comment 100%. I hope that they are planning to connect the Heights Bike Trail to Stude Park soon. That connection would make it so that you essentially have no major roads to cross between Ella and 20th and Downtown on the Heights Bike Trail.

    Crossing all the streets in Sawyer Heights en route to Downtown is very dangerous. This 200 yard section is critical and I hope it is prioritized soon!