Bombay Indian Grill Hoists Colors, Ready To Take on ‘Jinxed’ Spot at 706 Main St.

Sign for Bombay Indian Grill, 706 Main St., Downtown Houston

Where many have failed — say, 4 restaurants in 7 years — the Bombay Indian Grill now dares to tread. The ‘where’ would be the light-rail-side storefront at 706 Main St., where you might have visited Yatra Brasserie, Laidback Manor, Korma Sutra, or the Downtown outlet of the Burger Guys in previous years. Or maybe (more likely, considering the successive histories of those establishments in this location) you never visited any of them at all. Soon another set of light-rail lines will be running down Capitol, the nearest cross street, so maybe you’ll have fewer excuses? A reader sends in this pic showing the new banner for the Indian-food restaurant hung on the Burger Guys’ signage leftovers.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

Replacing the Burger Guys, and Others

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  • Awesome! Now, if only there were a fast commuter train to get me there…

  • I hope this works out for them

  • While I know Bombay is a fairly universal name for Indian restaurants, I can’t help but think that Bombay Pizza (one and one half blocks away) may be none too pleased with the name similarities.

  • I can’t zoom in on this photo enough but is it the same logo as the B.I.G. ( in Champaign, IL? The logo looks similar; the name too, quite. But this might just be false hope for an appearance of that spicy bhuna shrimp down here.

  • Let’s hope it’s similar to Tarka (Round Rock): I would love for a fast food style Indian joint so I can take young children there without worrying about them being a little noisy.

  • Doomed.
    Sorry but doomed.

  • Hey – if a place named Sandwich and Tapioca – seriously, that’s the name, can make it a block from this location, anything is possible. S&T has a sort of cult following.

    This is also across the street from where a new office tower is rising. If they can hold out until tenants start moving in, the spot could actually become a primo lunch place.

  • My vote’s on Bombay Pizza…they were here before these guys. And who can beat naan bread slices? The jinx will continue…

  • If they’d only come down to Midtown/Montrose. There’s an “Indian food desert” in this area.