Boxing Gym Joining Wireless Store, Hair Salon, Braun Realty HQ in Former Bathhouse on Fannin St.

Title Boxing Club is the latest tenant on its way to the block-long former Midtowne Spa at 3100 Fannin St. Braun bought the building the same year the bathhouse shuttered in 2016, set up a 4,664-sq.-ft. office on the second floor, and began ushering other tenants into the building. Two months ago, Verizon opened at the south end of the structure, on the corner of Elgin and Fannin. In between it and the national boxing chain’s new location, a Bishops hair salon is planned.

The bathhouse — pictured above from the north before its recent whitewashing treatment — had been in the building since at least the ’80s. Other locations still operate under the same brand in Denver and Los Angeles.

Its first floor included this swimming pool and hot tub setup:


Workout equipment, tanning facilities, and a sauna were also available — as well as this outdoor patio:

The second story was reserved for private rooms.

Now, about half of that floor is available to tenants looking to neighbor the developer’s office:

A single 1,021-sq.-ft. restaurant space is also still for lease on the west side of the building’s first floor:

Covered parking takes up the northern half of the block beneath the building’s office level.

Photos: Ronald W. (Verizon); Midtowne Spa (bathhouse). Floor plans: Braun Realty

No Longer Midtowne Spa

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  • Sad about the death of hedonism but simultaneously sickened at the thought of buying a phone in a former bathhouse.

  • Anothe r building I’ve interacted with in the 70’s. If these walls could talk. Oy Vey !!!!

  • Swamplot: DO your research. Y’all are slacking off. Midtown Spa was in this location since the 1970’s !!!!

  • @memebag
    Then you probably wouldn’t enjoy a list of the eating places that formerly were adult bookstores or “backroom” bars.
    And you’re worried about a phone? SMH

  • …so you gonna post that list or what?

  • @Big Tex: Yeah, I’ve never tried L’Olivier or The Pit Room. Not worried, just sickened.

  • Was the bathhouse male and female?