Buffalo Bayou Partnership Now Looking East of Downtown, Making Plans

BUFFALO BAYOU PARTNERSHIP NOW LOOKING EAST OF DOWNTOWN, MAKING PLANS The landscape architecture firm that rejiggered the grounds of the Menil Collection and has put forward a new plan for Hermann Park will now be turning its attention to Buffalo Bayou east of Downtown, where the waterway widens ahead of the Houston Ship Channel and Galveston Bay. Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates will lead an effort to create a new master plan for the bayou’s “East Sector” — the section between Hwy. 59 and the Turning Basin — the Buffalo Bayou Partnership announced yesterday. Also on the team of consultants the nonprofit waterway overseers has selected to create the plan: the firm formerly known as Morris Architects, which a few months ago switched its name to that of its parent company, Huitt-Zollars. The partnership says it wants a plan that reflects the cultural and industrial background of the area, that will help connect surrounding neighborhoods to the bayou, and that creates green spaces that can help revitalize that part of Houston. [Buffalo Bayou Partnership] Photo: Buffalo Bayou Partnership

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  • This is a great effort and can only serve to make the city a better place. Kudos to those involved.

  • There is ample space to locate the proposed botanical garden along the banks of the Buffalo River in the East End and perhaps the powers that be should include this in the master plan instead of locating it in a dismal and far flung location at Glenwood. Also I applaud the plans to better the Buffalo River area from its extension of Buffalo Bayou but I feel that it should be called a river as the water visibly flows and often at a good clip. It’ s not a bayou in the true sense of the word and to be honest , the word “bayou” is not the attraction people think about when seeking a place for outdoor recreation. Lastly, why is this East End project slanted as a project aimed to maintain and preserve the culture of the Hispanic/ Mexican population? All other parks are ballyhooed to be open and diverse for all of Houston, yet here we have a bias to preserve a specific people. That’s not diversity but cultural/racial preference. The Buffalo project should be geared toward all people.

  • @Tom because otherwise, it becomes a flashpoint for criticisms of gentrification. And rightfully so – this is about promoting development in those neighborhoods, not enhancing the lives of its present residents

  • As a landscape architect living in the Greater East End, this is incredibly exciting news! MVVA is a fantastic firm and I can’t wait to see where this leads.

  • There is cultural significance for 5th Ward and East End. Two very diverse cultures along the bayou. I wouldnt want to be in the shoes of BBP trying to appease everyone while trying to build a lasting Houston monument.

  • They’ve timed this sector perfectly, maybe unintentionally, with the gentrification already happening so that it’ll be a gusher once this plan gets built out. Hopefully being able to hike/bike from the Ship Channel to points far west of downtown will be a reality. The dozers are being warmed up for those bluff-side barrios along the bayou east of Wayside.

  • So we will have BB all nice west of DT and now east of DT, what about the part that goes through downtown? It is always overgrown and smells like urine.