Burger King Has Stepped Down from the Corner of Montrose and Lincoln

A Swamplot reader sends photos of the now see-through drive-thru signage on the north side of Burger King’s former building at 1002 Westheimer, across the street from the Westmont Shopping Center home to Spec’s, Half Price Books, and a Mattress Firm. The restaurant abdicated earlier this week. Yesterday morning, surveyors showed up to look around the property, leaving behind the wooden marker shown at the bottom of the image at top.

Another shot from the fast food lane adjacent to Blacksmith looks toward the restaurant’s parking lot on California St.:


Photos: Montrose Resident


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  • Whoever owns the property is “having their way” with lots of extra $$$.

  • I’m actually saddened a bit. Haven’t been there in a long while but many good times with those old 2x whopper meal coupons.
    I’m surely the minority but I’d like to have more fast food options in the montrose that would be far more useful on a regular basis rather than another swanky dining experience i’ll go to maybe once every other year.

  • We can do it your way, but ‘don’t go crazy!’ Ha… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDF8mvene-I

  • I’m sure something very exciting will be built on 25% of this site.

  • @ joel. The McDonald’s is still there a few blocks west, and there’s that Raising Cane’s place across from the Phoenix.
    I am curious as to what will happen to the BK lot.

  • The owner is Jeff Spargo from Soundwaves…

  • There is also a lot next to it, I wonder who owns that?


  • As joel said, I’m also a bit saddened to see this place go – I’d visit every now and then during lunch since Half Price Books is conveniently across the street.
    This location also provided “entertainment” by way of some odd patrons – but I’m glad that I wasn’t there for the tasering of the misbehaving client. Bon Qui Qui would probably not only called “sekurity” but did the tasering herself.
    I’m sure they will build either as many townhomes they can squeeze in there or some fancy-pants place. Though, Underbelly is a stone’s throw away.

  • Anyone from the Heights miss Churche’s Chicken? One of my guilty pleasures like songs from Saturday Night Fever.

  • McDonald’s won the cost war, though with ever-more inedible food (what is that stuff that they call “cheese” anyway), and Jack In The Box keeps upgrading thier food instead of downgrading it, so it took those who needed something not quite as cheap that actually tastes like something. Burger King also couldn’t seem to find a solution for scary-homeless occupation of their landscaping and doorways. Too many bus stops too close? Too close to a Valero? It got to where the only way to feel secure was to stay in your car and drive through. None of the three have been what you would call a nice place to dine, but for some reason McDonald’s and JITB never feel as dangerous. It would be great if a What-A-Burger went in, but there may simply have been too many burger joints within a few blocks of a gouirmet place like The Burger Joint.

  • Make it an In-n-Out Burger opened 24 hours. It will be the busiest business at that corner.

  • So far as I recall, when I moved to Houston in ’81 there were no national fast food joints in the Montrose (although there was a Prince’s Drive Inn at Montrose and Westheimer, current site of Velaro). Guess the corporate types thought the neighborhood was a bit too seedy or shady.
    Taco Cabana, Wendy’s and now Burger King have come and gone in that short stretch of Westheimer. The pendulum is swinging back again. I’ll admit to having paid the occasional visit to Burger King; it was fast, cheap and convenient. It was also a magnet for panhandlers and the mentally deranged. I won’t miss them quite as much.

  • anyone saddened by the loss of a filthy fast food restaurant has some serious soul searching to do!

  • @J, I think Church’s makes a pretty good fried chicken and when I lived near the one in the Fiesta in Midtown, I ate there frequently.

    That said, in the years and years since I’ve moved to the Heights area, I never once was tempted to go to that one. Lee’s on the other hand, I have enjoyed numerous times and consider it to be a great upgrade for the neighborhood.

  • sloppy seconds:
    Soul has been searched. You’ll be relieved to hear that it’s in fine fettle.
    You see, said soul doesn’t make unsupported assumptions, such as calling the former Burger King “filthy”.
    It was as close to immaculate as any establishment of the sort I’ve seen.
    It was also a welcome respite from the snooty, snotty snobs that have encroached on the Montrose in general, and eating establishments in particular.
    Not everyone is in the market for an amuse-bouche that exceeds the cost of an entire meal at more prosaic restaurants. Some people find encounters with the hoi-polloi rewarding.
    So, how’s your soul doing these days?

  • Tim P- I think Lee’s is fine as well but they spice their chicken like my mother and I have Mama problems.

  • Why do Texans eat so much fast food anyways? Disgusting

  • Will be a Shake Shack

  • Heard a presentation by company that owns footprint where Half Price and Jack in the Box is. Company is waiting for leases to expire to scrape entire everything for high rise apartments and mixed use retail. They said would’ve already done it, but lease buy outs too high. And financing was soft due to energy slump. Company wants to have it done by time COH makes Montose a “showcase Blvd” similar to Post Oak and Kirby.

  • Lloyd: We eat fast food because it’s tasty, and because it’s fun to horrify food snobs. Sorta like the same sort of joy that occurs when describing a good chicken fried steak with cream gravy and buttery mashed potatoes (which is certainly NOT fast food) to some people who consider themselves to be fastidiously superior in their food choices.