Canino Market Had Already Kinda Gentrified, Say Folks Planning Upcoming $10-Million Redo

CANINO MARKET HAD ALREADY KINDA GENTRIFIED, SAY FOLKS PLANNING UPCOMING $10-MILLION REDO “Over time,” writes Nancy Sarnoff for the Chronicle this morning after talking to some of the folks behind that in-the-works redevelopment of the recently sold Canino farmer’s market on Airline Dr., the market has already become “a place where produce [is] shipped and trucked in from places like Mexico and elsewhere, like it is to a grocery store.” The local farmers and early-morning bread-seekers are mostly gone, and property values  in the neighborhood are already on the rise — as are the townhomes. “We’ve come to the realization that no matter what we do here, it’s already happening,” MLB Partners’s Todd Mason tells Sarnoff; “We’ve looked around to buy more over here, and prices have already escalated.” The developers also run through some of the details for the $10-million project with Chris Baldwin over at PaperCity, who writes that “the 17.5-acre site is being almost completely re-imagined” — potential changes include some 60,000 sq. ft. of additional space, a “large lounging lawn,” a children’s play area, and “a distinctive towering sign from Studio Red Architects that can be seen from the freeway.” [Houston Chronicle and PaperCity; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Canino Produce Market

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  • I like Canino’s as it is. Going to ruin it with new construction and raise prices.

  • This is in the Tampico Heights neighborhood, right?

  • Where will the non gentrified small vendors that were behind Canino move to?

  • I still think they should recapture the old Canino Market, the way it was before gentrification, over at PlazAmericas. They already have discount Mercados for durable goods. It would make sense to have a farmers market there, too. And Demographically,
    Sharpstown is a lot closer to what The Heights was when Canino opened, than The Heights is today.