Cat Cafe Looking for a Cozy Spot To Curl Up Somewhere Near Montrose, Rice Village, West U

CAT CAFE LOOKING FOR A COZY SPOT TO CURL UP SOMEWHERE NEAR MONTROSE, RICE VILLAGE, WEST U Lola of Lola's Cat CaféA group looking to establish Houston’s first-ever combo café and cat lounge is focusing its search on existing retail or former restaurant spaces to lease in the Montrose, Rice Village, or West University areas. The website for Lola’s Cat Café says the new venue will be “more than just a coffee shop with cats.” Instead, it’ll be a hangout for people “who are either looking to adopt a cat or would like to spend some time hanging out with our resident kitties.” All cats on hand will be adoptable. [Lola’s Cat Café] Photo: Lola’s Cat Café  

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  • “More than a coffee shop with cats… we are a cat shop with coffee”

  • They’re a little late to the party, my understanding is there are several other people that are working on opening Cat Cafes in town before these guys can, and they already have the cash/financing.
    It still remains unclear whether such a business model can succeed once the novelty wears out.

  • I’d be up for a cat cafe and lounge just see if you really could tenderize the meat well enough, but I think you need more than just cats lounging around to really build a strong customer base. Maybe combine a world class fine arts/photography library to the mix and we can have something like they do in Tokyo.

  • Can they make the exit a giant squishy lint roller?

  • Will there be Cat Juggling???

  • That is !#%÷-ING repulsive.

  • I could see this concept taking off on Alabama near the HEB. It’s perfect spot for a new coffee shop with people in a range of ages, the Menil and the new apartments nearby. Rice Villagr and West U are great, but I’m sure the real estate is too high.

  • There is an Amy Schumer skit about a Cat Park. Such a stupid idea.

    Also for the cat shop, how are they getting around city ordinance? I can’t recall specifics, but I knew lots of people got their panties in a wad over dogs on patios and the legality there.

  • This could be fun. They could make table booths out of giant cardboard boxes and hang dangly things off the ceiling. However, I suspect the restrooms would require standard plumbing.

  • I always thought that cats could carry diseases that were easily passed to non-infected cats, which is why at cat shelters/adoption centers, people wash their hands between handling different cats. Also, don’t most cats tend to NOT be interested in socializing with strangers?

  • A little late for April fools….

  • going into a cat house looking for a little pussy is nothing new….

  • I love cats. I am part cat.
    But cats need to know their place – not on tables or counters or seats. No where near food and drink.
    Also, stay off the keyboard.
    This coffee shoppe model is not viable.

  • I will happily let all of you come to my house to hang with my cats and pay me for pleasure of watery eyes and feline-haired rumps. Fur in your creamer is gratis. Whoa..that last sentence went to a weird place…the price just went up.

  • @Movecelot…This coffee shoppe model is not viable.
    There are two very popular cat cafes in Montreal. Google ’em.

  • Cat cafes, like dog-friendly patios, are separate. There’s a whole other room with cats available for adoption/petting with coffee in the next room.

  • To everyone expressing doubts about how this works, just google “Japan cat cafe”.