04/14/15 12:16pm

STAG’S HEAD PUB CAN’T RENEW ITS LEASE, IS CALLING IT QUITS FOR NOW The Stag's Head Pub, 2128 Portsmouth St. at Sandman, Shepherd Plaza, HoustonThe Stag’s Head will be closing later this month, the owner of the Shepherd Plaza pub at 2128 Portsmouth St. reports. “The Landlord has decided not to renew our lease,” writes Michael Holliday on the 15-year-old establishment’s Facebook page. Attempts to negotiate something short term, he indicates, were not successful. “I have been looking to move The Stags to another location for some time but have been unable to find a suitable site.” Holliday says he isn’t giving up on the search, though. [The Stag’s Head on Facebook] Photo: Marc Brubaker

02/11/10 12:50pm

COMMENT OF THE DAY: SANDMAN BROUGHT ME A DREAM “I live near the Sandman Center, what some people erroneously call Shepherd Square (Shepherd Square is @ Westheimer; Sandman is @ Richmond), and this sort of thing is exactly what our neighborhood experienced during the heyday of the late 90s when the ‘in’ scene was concentrated at Richmond and Greenbriar with 8.0, the Pig Live, Guava Lamp, and all the others. Drunk people wandering up and down the streets looking for their cars, unable to remember which residential street they parked on, yelling to each other, peeing in your yard, leaving their beer bottles in your yard, etc. Add to that the fun of having your cement lawn sculptures thrown through your windows, as some of my neighbors experienced. The only remnant of the chaos of that period is the road humps on Colquitt and West Main, although at one time I believe those streets had ‘no parking this side of street’ signs, or “no parking midnight to 6AM”, or something like that. Be patient; in a couple of years the ‘in’ scene will move to someone else’s neighborhood, and your property values will triple. Ours did. But hey, I once found a $20 bill on the sidewalk while I was on my way to the post office.” [GoogleMaster, commenting on What It’s Like to Live on Center St.]