Central Presbyterian Demo: The Cross at Rest

And now another Swamplot reader sends in this curious photo from this morning, showing the collapsed box formerly known as the Central Presbyterian Church on Richmond Ave. between Cummins and Timmons — and demonstrating to those of you who might have worried that the collapse of the 1962 building’s modern steeple could pose some threat to Richmond Ave. traffic that there was never anything to worry about. Everyone is safe. The congregation has decamped for the St. Philip Presbyterian Church just outside the Loop on San Felipe; the land is being cleared for apartments; the giant cross is at rest.

Photo: Eric Nordstrom

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  • Guaranteed: In the next 6 months, I will get an forwarded email from one of my doofus relatives with that picture and an accompanying ‘story’ linking it to the Obama administration.

    “Kansas Church Raided Over $18 Tax Debt.”

    Book it.

  • I think from here on out, “Swamplot readers” should be referred to as “Swamplotions”.

  • Ha ha, that’s a good one. I’m glad I’m not on those mail-forwarding lists.

    By the way, tell the anonymous photographer that she took one excellent photo–very dramatic!

  • Ribalding- No you won’t.