City Building Official to Wilshire Village: Everybody Out, Really

These bright letters, dated this past Friday, are now posted throughout the Wilshire Village Apartments. They’re a friendly notice from the city Building Official, informing the remaining residents of the 17-building maintenance-deprived apartment complex at Alabama and Dunlavy that their residences “pose a serious and immediate hazard to the occupants” — and yanking all Certificates of Occupancy.

Oh . . . but all is not lost! The owner can appeal:

The Owner of the Property is entitled to request a hearing by delivering a written request to the Building Official at 3300 Main, Houston Texas 77002. The Building Official or his designee shall hold a hearing within three business days after receiving such request, unless the owner requests an extension of time.

Given the apparent owner’s evident interest in scrapping the place, that’s not likely. Any objections from anybody else?


More from the notice:

The Building Official hereby revokes all Certificates of Occupancy for all buildings located on the Property and further hereby ORDERS (under Building Code Section 104.12) that all buildings located on the Property shall be vacated March 31, 2009. Electrical power to the Property will be disconnected on March 31, 2009 at approximately 12:00 p.m.

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  • I live on Sul Ross behind WV.

    From the conspiricy theory department. the road construction behind the complex on sul ross is of a VERY nice cement caliber that is out of place in the cheap blacktop ‘hood….even farther down the street it is getting re-blacktopped. will my dead end go away? is the FIX in?


  • wow, it took a long time for CoH to do this! with a major fire safey hazard just one block from a fire station, too!