Coming to Rosenberg: 60-Acre Yoga Retreat

Yoga Camp with Swami Ramdev at the George R. Brown Convention Center, July 2008

A groundbreaking ceremony was held Saturday for a $4.5 million yoga center on 60 acres in Rosenberg. Yoga guru Swami Ramdev announced the project on Wednesday during a 4-day-long yoga camp at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

The Press Trust of India reports that $4 million has already been raised for the project, including $2 million in 2 hours at a fundraiser held in Houston on July 18th:

The project includes a clinic to treat chronic ailments, housing for active seniors and retirees; a herbal garden, retreat centre, vedic Gurukul school for young children and a University.

Two people involved with the project said the center will open early next year.

Photo of Swami Ramdev yoga camp at George R. Brown: Keith Plocek, Houston Press

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