06/02/16 10:30am


TxDOT has been doing some circling around over the thoroughly soaked Brazos River valley this week grabbing a few snapshots, including some taken yesterday morning as 31 East and Central Texas counties picked up flood-related disaster declarations from the governor’s office. Running north-to-south (right-to-left) under the murky waters shown above is FM 723 in Rosenberg, TX; you can spot the bridge rising up to cross the river’s normal channel on the left side of the photo, while SH 36 stretches away to the northwest.

Flash- and non-flash flood warnings are in effect around the region through at least Friday night, depending on how intense the rest of this week’s predicted downpours turn out to be. Meanwhile, the already-feet-past-the-previous-record flood gauge at nearby Richmond, TX, is still creeping upward this morning toward 55 ft.:


Water Under the Bridges
05/22/15 12:45pm

Map of Paragon Outlets Houston, I-69 at Reading Rd., Rosenberg, Texas

A vote of Rosenberg’s City Council this Tuesday made it official: Paragon Outlet Partners will be building a sprawling outlet mall called the Paragon Outlets Houston on the southeast side of the Southwest Fwy. at Reading Rd. in the eastern reaches of Rosenberg, just southwest of the Brazos Town Center and Brazos Town Crossing shopping centers and FM 762, and 10 miles down I-69 from Sugar Land. Construction of the 400,000-sq.-ft. first phase is expected to begin this summer and finish in November of next year.

Map: Paragon Outlet Partners

Factory Direct to You
09/30/13 12:00pm

FIRST STREETS, THEN UTILITIES, THEN A BUSINESS PARK IN ROSENBERG Real Estate Bisnow’s Catie Dixon reports that Fuller Realty will be developing these not-yet-accessible 184 acres near Bryan Rd. and FM 2218, just off the Southwest Fwy., into an office park. But before that happens someone’s got to invest in infrastructure: Dixon adds that, later this year, the city of Rosenberg will chip in by building streets, utilities, and drainage for the park; size-to-suit sites could be ready for businesses next spring. [Real Estate Bisnow] Map: Real Estate Bisnow

07/20/09 12:16pm

The Swamplot Price Adjuster needs your nominations! Found a property you think is poorly priced? Send an email to Swamplot, and be sure to include a link to the listing or photos. Tell us about the property, and explain why you think it deserves a price adjustment. Then tell us what you think a better price would be. Unless requested otherwise, all submissions to the Swamplot Price Adjuster will be kept anonymous.

Location: 812 2nd St., Rosenberg
Details: 3-4 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths; 3,793 sq. ft. on a 33,600-sq.-ft. lot. “Second home” on property “needs work.”
Price: $279,900
History: Listed since June 24th at the current price.

Declares the reader who’s nominating this property:

This house just went up for sale in Rosenberg’s downtown. The problem I have with it is that the listing seems totally incorrect, as there’s no way this is on 33,600 sf lot. The house, built in the 1920’s, can’t possibly be almost 4k sf either. I’ve driven around, looked at the arial view on Zillow from all sides, and I can’t picture it.

Even if it is a large lot, it’s surrounded by commercial property, with some kind of electrical grid (?) right behind it and public street parking right in front. The metal roof is sliding off in chunks, and you can see that from the bridge right behind it, where everyone can see the top of the house. Why is there a bridge? Because the railroad yard is right there! The so-called 2nd house on the property is very old rental units that look so diseased that the only option would be to tear it down. There’s no garage, so at least there’s be a place for one after that’s gone.

The appeal is lacking from the front no doubt, but the inside décor has that beat. Gold and hunter green don’t usually win the interior design popularity contests these days.

What would be a better price?


05/29/09 5:14pm

NEW FAT KROGER TWINS The largest Krogers in Texas will be opening late this year, 10 miles apart: The 125,000-square-foot Kroger Marketplace stores, which will both feature the same layout, will be located in Brazos Town Center in Rosenberg and at Waterside Marketplace in Richmond. . . . [Kroger’s Gary] Huddleston says the Brazos Town Center store, located at U.S. Highway 59 and FM 762 in Rosenberg, will primarily serve the Richmond/Rosenberg market, while the Waterside Marketplace location, at Grand Parkway and Mason Road in Richmond, will serve the Katy market. Both Kroger Marketplace stores will feature a Fred Meyer Jewelers’ store as well as a large home furnishing section with Ashley Furniture.” [Houston Business Journal]

07/31/08 2:30pm

5010 Cottage Creek Ln., the Trails at Seabourne Park, Rosenberg, Texas

A few months after abruptly shutting down operations in the Rio Grande Valley, McAllen-based homebuilder Obra Homes appears to have quietly abandoned its Houston-area business as well, leaving one Rosenberg subdivision littered with empty slabs.

So where the heck is Obra Homes anyway? A model home here at this subdivision is empty and closed, and the company’s attorney tells us no more Obra homes will be built here at the Trails at Seabourne Park subdivision. . . .

The company’s huge showroom on 290 looks like a ghost town. And according to a sign on the window, Obra Homes was locked out for failing to pay rent.

This office building on 290 says “Obra Homes” in big letters. but go inside and there’s no mention of the company.

The homebuilder’s attorney tells Fox 26 reporter Randy Wallace that there is no Obra Homes office. But there is a phone number!

Photo of 5010 Cottage Creek Ln., The Trails at Seabourne Park, Rosenberg: HAR

07/21/08 11:34am

Yoga Camp with Swami Ramdev at the George R. Brown Convention Center, July 2008

A groundbreaking ceremony was held Saturday for a $4.5 million yoga center on 60 acres in Rosenberg. Yoga guru Swami Ramdev announced the project on Wednesday during a 4-day-long yoga camp at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

The Press Trust of India reports that $4 million has already been raised for the project, including $2 million in 2 hours at a fundraiser held in Houston on July 18th:

The project includes a clinic to treat chronic ailments, housing for active seniors and retirees; a herbal garden, retreat centre, vedic Gurukul school for young children and a University.

Two people involved with the project said the center will open early next year.

Photo of Swami Ramdev yoga camp at George R. Brown: Keith Plocek, Houston Press

07/15/08 11:39am

THE DEATH OF THE GRANDE MOCHA FRAPPUCCINO HAS BEEN GREATLY EXAGGERATED Those two or three Starbucks locations in Houston rumored to be closing as part of the coffee company’s 600-store nationwide shutdown? One of them’s in Rosenberg. That means only two Rosenberg Starbucks left! [Houston Business Journal]