Comment of the Day: A Dedicated Fan’s Spring Burger Report

COMMENT OF THE DAY: A DEDICATED FAN’S SPRING BURGER REPORT Carl’s Jr is about to open another factory of deliciousness in Spring, TX, corner of hwy 249 and Louetta Rd. built from the ground up, it started about two months ago, and just last week they hung the signs, no word on when it opens. I’ve submitted pictures to Swamplot, they might publish them soon.” [Sweetmocha, commenting on Burger Chains Ready Attack on Houston: Carl’s Jr., Smashburger, Five Guys] Photo: Sweetmocha

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  • According to a Carls Jr tweet, it is scheduled to open in August:

  • My favorite Smashburger is in the adjacent shopping center… when the lines at the Carl’s Jr are too long give Smash a try! FWIW having spent a lot of time out in SoCal I can’t imagine what all the fuss is about with Carl’s, if it was In-N-Out Burger then I’d be excited!

  • Carl;s Jr. is probably the worst of the 3.

  • I would be exited about In-N-Out too, but it’s better than the local chain burgers, I welcome Carl’s Jr, and until In-N-Out comes down from Dallas, Carl’s give me a juicy burger with onion rings. If it doesn’t get all over the place, It doesn’t belong in your face!

  • We’re from L.A. and relocated to Spring 4 yrs ago. We have 4 kids, the oldest 13, and we could not be happier there will finally be a Carl’s down the street from us! We have made many trips to the Copperfield Carl’s and its great to have a taste from Cali that we’ve missed out on for a few years. It’s also cool to see a lot of other former Cali natives in line while I’m waiting to get my Western Bacon Cheeseburger w/ Fried Zuchinni! Some of my L.A. facebook friends don’t think its a big deal either, but when you’ve been deprived of a taste you’ve grown up with, you will understand. Of course us Cali people will celebrate when there is finally a local In-\-9ut, but there is nothing wrong with a local Carl’s!! Now bring “The Hat” and “King Taco” here!!

  • Just received this from Carl’s Jr

    Carl’s Jr.

    We open at 7 a.m. Monday, Aug. 27, on Louetta. Thanks for checking! We’ll be posting a public tweet shortly.
    12:09 PM – 23 Aug 12

  • You guys are morons this is not Spring, the zip code is 77070 which is Houston. It’s closer to Tomball than Spring.

  • Thank you for the name calling CHRIS, children should not be allowed to post here, I hope the moderator prevents this, Carl’s Jr might be technically located in Houston, this area is better identified as Spring, I’m about a mile away from it, and I’m in Spring Tx, nothing north of 1960 should be considered Houston anymore….