Comment of the Day: Colquitters, It’s Your Own Damn Asphalt

COMMENT OF THE DAY: COLQUITTERS, IT’S YOUR OWN DAMN ASPHALT “What is it about Colquitt? I have seen other streets in your same zipcode surfaced twice in the last dozen years, while certain blocks of Colquitt (the high teens) look like Beyond Thunderdome. I am not so naive as to be ignorant of why some streets get better attention than others, but who did you Colquitters piss off?” [Harold Mandell, commenting on Steve Radack’s Next Little Idea]

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  • I hear that new asphalt can’t be laid on Colquitt because of all the stray cats in the area. Construction crews have been called in to lay the asphalt on numerous occasions only to be scared away by dozens of fierce felines. I avoid the street whenever I venture over to La Tapatia.

  • The condition of the streets in that area is beyond 3rd world. Not coincidentally, most of the properties in that area are rentals, owned by absentee landlords.
    Renters don’t care, they just want to pay their rent, live in the area for a couple of years and get out. Owners don’t care, they don’t live there and better streets would whack up their property values and therefore taxes. And nobody else cares because it’s not their neighbourhood. Squeaky wheel gets the grease here just like anywhere else. When I bike through there I see piles of random crap just sitting out the front of people’s houses for days, weeks on end. Nobody gives a shit.

  • Sidegate,

    I have live on Colquitt for 22 years, my husband bought the house from Kathy Whitmire, and I continually complain about the street and the city pretty much laughs in my face saying resurfacing “ain’t gonna happen.”

    It doesn’t help that since there are no left turns from Shepherd onto Richmond heading east, most trucks and cars cut through on Colquitt.

    Needless to say it was nice when Kathy lived here. And Sue Lovell seems to have gotten her street (W. Main) resurfaced in the last 6 years.

    The only reason for this that I can see is the developers want this area to deteriorate so they can come in when the rail goes through and get properties at fire sale prices.

    If we had a newspaper in this town, this would be the sort of thing they should look into.

  • I’m always surprised at the number of couches on the side of the road – and it always seems to be at the same complexes. There seems to be a pretty slow conversion from rentals back to owners (mainly townhomes). Unfortunately, it usually requires a property to fall into complete disrepair…

    The worst street is Driscoll, though…you can’t even tell where the pavement begins in some parts

  • Driscoll is a bad street… Between Richmond and W Alabama there are potholes, patches on top of patches, no curb, no sidewalks, areas where you cannot tell if it is street or dirt, etc… and then behind Calico Corners and the Chocolate Bar, parked cars sometimes block the entire street!