Comment of the Day: Contemplating the Mysteries of Meyer Park

COMMENT OF THE DAY: CONTEMPLATING THE MYSTERIES OF MEYER PARK “[I] drive by meyerpark twice a day going to and from work and i have no idea of exactly what the heck is going on in that massive construction site. In this day and age you would think the developer would have a website, a billboard, a flyer or something that provides the general public with more information about what’s going on. They’[ve] completely demolished several of the buildings but they left the tower in place. That leads me to believe they are going to some how use it as part of the new design. In addition to the Luby’s we need another restaurant like a Cheddar’s with Good food for a low price. I just think this area has so much potential for growth and [its] location is ideal.” [Joe_lsu, commenting on The New Smash Hits at the Meyer Park AMC 16 Theater]

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  • I almost choked on my morning coffee when I read the bit about Luby’s providing good food at a low price. Baylor college of medicine has a Luby’s cafeteria that dishes out greasy slop at its finest. Makes life very hard for the limited-dining-options-medical-center workers.

  • Cheddar’s!

    hehehhe, I remember going there a lot when I lived near Westheimer/Beltway.

    Those were sad days when I first got a place in Houston due to my coming out so often. All my clients were in that area, and I didn’t know there was a great part of Houston a few miles east.

    But damn, I might just have to head out to Cheddar’s today for nostalgia.

  • I can only hope the rumors are true and that awful Meyer Park Wal-Mart is torn down and replaced by an old folks’ home. Seniors make the best neighbors; they stare out their windows all day and call the cops when they see possible intruders/vandals.

  • Cheddars? Nonsense….what this area is really begging for is a Chili’s!

  • With the way the public has been reacting to ay construction that isn’t what “they” think should be built, do you REALLY wonder why they wouldn’t advertise what is being built? Think Heights Wal-Mart and Ashby Hi Rise. I’m to tired to think about the rest, but there are a lot.

  • Chili’s – there used to be one on a pad in the Meyer Park shopping center, but it closed a couple of years ago. I’m not crazy about Chili’s, but it was my son’s favorite place to eat. It’s interesting what’s happened in that shopping center. There used to be a Mexican restaurant called Poblano’s in there, in the part they have demolished. The rumor was the landlord doubled their rent to clear it out. Now I just miss Poblano’s…

  • I don’t get why Wal-Mart would bail. The store always seems really busy. Are they renting or do they own the lot? Hate on them all you want, but they appear to be needed. Though i prefer the Target…

  • The Poblanos organization has relocated to Fajita Pete’s by the Bellaire Whole Foods.

    Menu is more limited but fajitas and tortillas (hand made corn) are still the same. Great take out but limited seating area.

  • I think the restaurants are the least of our worries. I just hope whatever they build is built with class and is a safe place to go. That would eliminate a Wal-Mart. I wish they would put in some nice department stores, more in the Macy’s line; and I wouldn’t mind an updated new theater; if they could keep the trouble makers out. I think that was one of the problems with the old theater. Who knows if we get a little class in that area maybe it will move down South Post Oak. That area is really the pits.

  • I don’t think they’re coming back with any kind of theater there or they would have just fixed up the existing one. My initial thought is the developer is going to come in and have a different approach then the typical shopping mall because they are cleaning house. (if the rumors are true) Why put back the exact same thing that was there? I can hope but I won’t hold my breath, especially with a developer that’s not open or advertising what’s going to happen. I know some people think that the developer can build what they want and people don’t have a right to complain, but the people in that area are the market and should be listened to. If they won’t people won’t shop there and you’ll have a failed project. See existing property.

    I hope some of the others on S. Post Oak will catch on and that street gets redeveloped, but that’s another project I’m not holding my breath on. I think they may be waiting on the toll road to come through and buy their property so they can cash out. I hope that road never happens. Both neighborhoods on either side of S. Post Oak don’t want that road either. They also don’t want the trashy businesses. There are ways to clean it up rather than just paving it over for a freeway.

  • i just email the devloper and they said they are fixing the website and should be running soon

  • What is the URL of the website?

    The latest rumor I am hearimg is that WM is building a store next to fiesta on main at post oak.this will replace the WM at meyer park. I asked a friend who is in upper mgmt at academy and he says no store at meyer park. But he also said that he can’t comment officially due to confidentiality rules of sox regs.

    I will take a Texas Land and Cattle and an In-n-out burger as food options.

  • Westbury Resident: the website is

    I hope they can fix this center with a heb a academy and kohls and that will be great i just hope it will happen

  • Wall Mart can’t be gone too soon. The tower means nothing because the demolition is not done yet. I would not be surprised if all or most of the original center is gone eventually. There is no information on the MC Management site. I wonder if they still own it.

    I keep hoping it will be something decent because it is hard to get financing these days, but their silence is troublesome.

    Originally I believed the project was an expansion of the apartment complex but it is retail despite the failure of the existing retail center. However, Meyerland Plaza was a failed center before it was redeveloped.

    Despite persistent rumors about a Kohls, I have never seen anything official. The only thing I can say is the ground preparation looks like it is for a very large building.

  • Last friday I went by the trailer on the Southeast side of the property. There were several people in the office huddled around drawings laid out on a drafting table. I stated I was a concerned resident looking for more information and the all turned and looked at a well dressed individual. He didn’t introduce himself but he did state that an article would be coming out in the Chronicle soon. I asked about a brochure or informational flyer and I was told one was not available. I just hope we its good news whenever the word breaks.

  • Any news as to what is happening at this site? I passed by today. It is massive. Why would it not be published?

  • nothings been posted and the owners are tight lipped.

    there has to be some sort of way to get information from the city about what was permitted. i think they are just pouring the concrete for parking spaces right now.

    anybody have a helicopter and a good camera?

  • I’m just thrilled at the thought that walmart might be gone. That would be fantastic. I usually don’t get afraid to go anywhere by myself but walmart is scary even in at the day time. Good riddance to bad rubbish. They can’t be gone to soon.I drove by there today and still nothing official. A senior center will be good.

  • Been on vacation for the past week. When we drove by last night it appears they are ripping out the parking lot from Hu’s Garden north.

    I called the MC telephone number and was told by a very rude person that they had no information to share with anyone. I explained that I was a resident and was told that we (concerned citizens) should stop calling and e-mailing that they had no information to share.

    My understanding is that Willow Meadows, Meyerland, and Westbury Civic Clubs can’t even get any information from them either.

    Very strange way to do business in this economic climate.

  • It’s their right not to share info. While there might be advantages to doing to so, they’ve come to the conclusion that there is more to gain by keeping tight lipped.

    Odd that the person you called would be rude though. They should just say “we don’t have any information to share at this time” and leave it at that.

  • I went to the shopping center today to see the progress alot of construction. I also went in Randall and a worker say their trying to make Meyer park like a meyerland plaza type of shopping center. When i was walking they have a sign of the architects which is Hermes the same architects of Meyerland plaza and Gulfgate I just hope they announce something soon.

  • So far only the new Luby’s is confirmed. Everything else, including Kohls is a rumor. Concrete has been poured, but nothing is taller than the base of a streetlight, about two feet. They poured what looks like the foundation for a substantial building right next to the Chinese restaurant in the area that was formerly a walkway. Other rumors include Academy, conversion of Randalls to HEB and replacing Wal Mart with an assisted living center.

  • It now looks to me like the concrete poured next to the Chinese restaurant is there to stabilize the foundation of the restaurant, since the area next to it was demolished.

    Underground plumbing for the new Luby’s has been installed, so a slab should be poured soon. Otherwise, nothing but moving dirt and pouring parking lots

  • I look at that today that a huge space for luby i kinda was hoping that where academy would be

  • i think there’s still plenty of room on that property for an Academy. the Luby’s is bigger but for the amount of parking they’re pouring there’s going to be several new businesses moving in.

    i’m just curious to see what these things will look like. they kept the clock tower so i wonder if they’re going back with brick or not to match. maybe they’ll just stucco over it.

  • Luby’s is real nice.

    Retirement place is near done.

    What’s next?

  • Next?

    how about they look for a decent tenant?

    or get someone to fix what left of their “master plan”.