Comment of the Day: Heights Walgreens Strip Center Shuffle

COMMENT OF THE DAY: HEIGHTS WALGREENS STRIP CENTER SHUFFLE Woah is right. So how does this bode for the existing strip center across 20th where the old Walgreens is along with Kroger, etc.? Would love to know what the plans are for that whole strip now [that] that new Kroger is done and Walgreens seems to be going across the street. Anyone know?” [Mary, commenting on Daily Demolition Report: Happy Hide a Way]

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  • Drag – Walgreens was one of the last decent places to shop without one of those annoying – let me track your shopping habits – discount cards. Looks like Flea-esta on Studewood is close behind.

  • Just because they’re building a new Walgreens doesn’t mean they’re instituting any kind of shopping/tracking discount cards. It’s just a new building. Hopefully a bit cleaner too

  • Both Kroger on Yale and Fiesta on Studemont are detestable. If those in the Heights wish their neighborhood to ascend to loftier heights (no pun intended) they must discard these wretched locales. Additionally, those who are penny-poor enough to see value in a discount card have traded their right to anonymous spending.

  • @Landed Gent
    Being a longtime Heights resident, I will agree that the Kroger is horrible. And while I grant the the aesthetics of the Studemont Fiesta are leave much to be desired, the prices are good and the product offerings diverse, reflecting the diversity of the neighborhood. Strange organ meats, imported belgian yogurt, and red peppers for 69cents. And when limes are in season, you can often get them for 15/$1.00. I have grown to love it.

    Ironically, aren’t both properties owned by Swamplot’s fav, Weingarten Realty?