Comment of the Day: The Glass Is Half Full — and Bright Red

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE GLASS IS HALF FULL — AND BRIGHT RED “I haven’t had any kool aid but it’s hot enough to have some. Rather than be negative, my point was at least it’s Hines. Look at our skyline and all the great buildings are Hines. There are only a handful of developers that build high quality buildings in Houston, rather than the junk most of them do before they go out of business or scoot back to Las Vegas. Rather than be bitter and wish for a bubble, try being positive. It does the soul good. And lastly, if you don’t like what’s being built, why don’t you get all your money together and show us how you could do better! What do you think was in the spot where you currently live or work? Either a virgin lot, or something that was refurbished, or torn down.” [Loves swamplot, commenting Hines Buying Up Museum District Property To Build Highrise Apartments]

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  • I agree, Hines will build a quality building. Houston has been very lucky to have had a man with vision like Gerald Hines to design its iconic skyline. Hines recognized that to intise top corporations he’d need to build the best buildings money could buy so he hired famed architects to design them and used the best material for the grand interiors, really he has no peer in this regard not even the great Trammel Crow. Make no mistake the Museum District will get a top quality building

  • I lived in the building next door with my wife in 1980, owned by Frank Montgomery. I live in Mexico now. I will always hate the good ol’ white boy developer network that Houston thrives on. No history, no soul.

  • that’s racist

  • What garbage. The POINT is that this is an inappropriate location. THE NEIGHBOHROOD IS INTENTIONALLY LO RISE and VERY GREEN! This beautiful, elegant neighborhood will have some edgy glass wierd box ruining the finely woven tapestry. Iconic? Not. Respecting Asia House architecture but ruining the so-called “holdout” and Clatyon HOuse? Maybe they don’t want to sell their home? Yah, thanks HINES…great vision!!! All about creating great cities, we can see.

  • “What garbage. The POINT is that this is an inappropriate location. THE NEIGHBOHROOD IS INTENTIONALLY LO RISE and VERY GREEN!”

    Actually, the location is what will bring the block busting bully buildings. Museums, trees, parks, rail….