Comment of the Day: The Inside Story of 4004 Montrose Blvd.

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE INSIDE STORY OF 4004 MONTROSE BLVD. Drawing of Court at Museum's Gate Condos, 4004 Montrose Blvd., Montrose, Houston“I worked on this project. The architect was Compendium (long defunct) and Jay Baker was the lead designer. There are indeed at least 20 different floor plans, from flats to three story units with roof decks. The ‘roof decks’ came about because some of the units exit up and across the roof to shared fire exit stair towers. All the original kitchen/bath cabinets were by italian cabinetmaker Boffi. It’s very dense, with some very unusual spaces, both in unit interiors and the three exterior plazas; the raised south pool plaza (with glass blocks in the pool looking to the street) is a great space. I agree it needs some cleaning! Before anyone asks, I don’t know why there was no ground floor retail.” [Phil, commenting on More Ups and Downs in a Court at Museums Gate Condo in Montrose]

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  • There was/is a unit on Total redo. I remember when this was built in the ’80’s. Toured one unit: weird funky spaces. I think the architects were coming down from some bad blow they got in Miami !!!

  • What is the name of this apartments complex ? Thanks you…