Comment of the Day: There’s Probably an ‘N’ Missing in There, but Houston Architects Will Take All the Compliments They Can Get

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THERE’S PROBABLY AN ‘N’ MISSING IN THERE, BUT HOUSTON ARCHITECTS WILL TAKE ALL THE COMPLIMENTS THEY CAN GET Mr Bolton is a great guy. I have worked for him on and off over the years and have learned very much from him. He loves those big widows and I don’t think he has ever designed a home with less than an eight foot door. He is a man of integrity and the man is to be admired and respected.” [Kevin W. Stewart, commenting on North Post Oak Courtyard Mod: When Townhome Didn’t Mean Stairs]

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  • Over the years I’ve heard a lot of people speak of Mr. Bolton with respect and admiration. He sounds like a great guy.

  • Nice to hear he really does love the big widows. My understanding is that a lot of high society architects are just faking it.