Comment of the Day: This Land Is Their Land

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THIS LAND IS THEIR LAND “Heard about it. Shouldn’t matter who the purchaser is, in fact, after reading your comments, it is probably more fair all around if they do not disclose who they are. Posters on this site are quite amazing. I am astonished daily in what they seem to feel they are entitled to when it comes to property owned by others. And how much Swamplot originators do to creatively stir the pot.” [LudiKris, commenting on How Does a Public Notice About ExxonMobil’s Giant New Corporate Campus Stay Under the Radar?]

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  • Property lines are not invisible force fields that completely cut off and disconnect one property owner from the neighborhood, community and the greater ecology. Property lines are a legal fiction created by man. What goes up between these property lines does not do so in isolation. The neighbors, the community and the ecosystem all have to live with the negative consequences of what the property owner does with his land.

    What is really astonishing is the fact that people who are in the business of developing property generally do not give a crap about how their actions affect the neighborhood, community and ecosystem, not that people like to post their opinions on swamplot about the next big development in town.

  • You own what you own. That is the American way! Property lines define that in the area of land ownership. Part of the beauty of Houston is that we do not have zoning, and I would hope that would never change. Most developers that are fairly regularly active in this town are much more consciencious than you think, but in the end, are still property owners. Like you may be. And nobobdy asks YOU, Old Timer, to run it by me or the community or anyone else if you should decide to change the color of the daisies in your front yard. It is your right. You seem to be in a little bit of a fantasy land…and need to remember reality is what it is. If you choose to live on a major road that has both residential and commercial components to it, sometime in the future, you may end up with something commercial next door to you. The traffic may increase. But this is the gamble you take when you don’t put your roots down in the middle of a suburban street, buried in a restricted residential planned community somewhere outside of the loop. Your ideals are charming just not realist in in a capitalistic democratic society, specifally in Houston. I reside in the Heights, proper. On a major road. And I do so by choice…knowing full well that the landscape of my neighborhood changes daily. My neighbor has an ugly fountain but I cannot do a thing about it, and appreciate that…because there is no HOA. It’s great. It’s not for everyone, but for most of us who choose to live inside the loop, it is inner looper life. The quiet voices of the many who have no problem with a Wal Mart on the South side of the freeway end of the Heights were just that, quiet. Letting our neighborhood evolve naturally. The very loud voices of those oposing it were, by comparison, very very few.
    I do appreciate all of your comments though, as they keep me and a group of my colleagues and neighbors very entertained. Sorry for the rant everyone…this comes from a very long time of reading these blogs and comments in amazement!

  • LoL@”astonished daily.” Either this clown is easily astonished, prone to histrionics, or has simply never been anywhere else in his life. Get a grip.

  • Ludikris, libertarian much? Do you find yourself griping more about the neighbor’s ugly fountain or the silly liberals protesting Walmart’s employment practices? Anyway, what’s your address? I have been looking for a new location for my rooster and hog farm.

  • actually, yes. libertarian…much! and i dont gripe…not about fountains, roosters, or how Wal Mart operates.
    socialism really isnt my thing.
    and yes! there are roosters and hens in some yards in the heights as well as other inner loop neighborhoods…right in the midst of half million dollar homes!
    By the way, Old Timer doesnt believe in property lines, he might have room for your hog farm! Speaking of which there is a brand new market on Heights Blvd. that specializes in locally raised organic meats! I believe they have just opened…I hope they do well!