Comment of the Day: We Are All Just Temporaries Here

COMMENT OF THE DAY: WE ARE ALL JUST TEMPORARIES HERE Waves of Change“The church can hold out, but the wave is upon it — no way out. Best of luck and economy to you! I grew up in central NY State. When I visit with a car, I see towns and roads nearly unchanged in 35 years! It’s incredible! considering the rate of change here in Greater Houston which has been home for nearly as long. It is SO comforting to pass by the farm, soft-serve ice cream shop, mechanic’s garage etc I remember from childhood in situ! Maybe ‘environment-insecurity’ is a thing. Maybe Houstonians should coin it.” [movocelot, commenting on If You Really Want To Live in the Actual Galleria, This Is Where Your Home Might Go] Illustration: Lulu

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  • Upstate New York? You must not visit in winter, when all your nostalgia, thou still “in situ” would be covered in 7 feet of snow. Your point is well taken on the comfort of home, however there is a reason people are abandoning the Northeast for the South and Southwest like lemmings to the sea. Really nobody wants to deal with all that hideously cold weather and all those burnrf out old towns (yes, I’m talking to you, Buffalo and Providance–so enjoy your nostalgia, in 35 years it will look the same, except nobody will be there, be a dear and turn the lights off in the town before you leave, Con-Edison will appreciate it.

  • Let me guess …. you came for the paycheck!!!

  • The wave engulfing the church should be depicted as a giant green wave of cash. That is the situation. The church is deciding do we sell now for millions and move a half mile west, or do we wait longer for even more millions? What to do, what to do?

  • “Charming” towns like Binghamton? Or towns reamed out by destruction of the textile and paper industries? “How quaint, everyone works at the McD/W*lmart/Casino instead of those nasty old-fashioned Industrial-age jobs with pensions and health care!” Drive up I-95 past Albany and it’s a desert. I won’t mention the weather because some people ski in snow and think hurricanes flatten the South every year but it is a factor – been there done that.. Walk through any of these quaint towns and the architecture hasn’t changed because no one will invest but the people change, and not for the better.

  • Some of you forget that the people of upstate New York live a few hours’ drive from a region of population 30+ million. They know where to go if they want big population, investment, Wal-Mart, and McD’s. They’re cool with the quaint towns of rural New York.

  • Yeah, I’m sure people in Jasper really feel apart of Houston –we all know where NYC is in proximity to Upstate NY–the comment of that Day was how things really don’t change in stagnant upstate NY–nobody said anything about NYC or whether it had a McDonald–nice non sequitur –seriously?

  • Give me a break. All Houston has is sprawl and ugliness – soon there will be no trees left after the developers get thru with it. Then they’ll move on and we’ll wonder what happened!